Please Donate by April 15

There is a major deadline coming up, so please donate to this project. familytree2hires

We are auditioning to add to the cast this week. We love your enthusiasm about the movie. You are bringing it to life by adding limbs on the tree.


Family Tree Auditions

It is April and it is time to get this thing on the road!!!

We will be holding auditions for the movie, Family Tree in April.

If you can act and are interested, send an email to for more details.


Funding Family Tree Movie

You can be a part of the team. We are still accepting funding for this project.

Kicker Funding

Family Tree Auditions

Written by Karen Anderson, the movie is a dramedy that tells the story of an African American family that do not like each other, but is forced into having a family reunion by one of the members.  The story will explore family dynamics and what is family. Is it blood or relationship?

We will be holding auditions in the month of April for the movie. If you are interested send an email to This is gonna be a knock down drag out comedy.

DD Ingram

We are still accepting funds for the movie. You can send it to UPP Creative PO Box 11082 Fort Worth, Texas 76110.