Thank you for your support

I want to say Thank you for supporting the Queens project to Also Billingslea. You will help me tell the stories of women like Bessie Smith who was nicknamed The Empress of the Blues. As a child, her brother and she used to dance and sing on the street to earn money. She later became one of the highest paid entertainers of her day.


A Little New and a Little Old: Novels

I am almost through with my latest novel. It has been so much fun to write and I know you are going to love it. Destiny’s Dilemma is a historical novel, which means I am using some real circumstances and fake people. It takes place in 1912 Fort Worth, Texas when the city was on the cusp of becoming a really good city or a hell hole. Young Colored woman comes home after traveling round the world to get in touch with her roots and what she finds more than she bargained for.  In a few weeks, I will put up a sample chapter.

As part of the celebration, I am giving away free copies of Connections on Amazon Kindle today.


Connections is the story of a private investigator who with her best friend found missing relatives, spied on cheating spouses and caught a few bail jumpers. This private investigator never imagined the bad guys would chase her.

Running for her life, Sandy Herrick discovered that God was the only one with her who wasn’t talking smack, trying to kill her or get into her pants. As she and her friends try to figure out who framed them, they all discover that there was more to each other than they thought they knew.

As evil forces closed in on them, they have to determine who they trust and what they believe about each other. Would this be enough to save them?

Check it out:


Thank you for your support

I want to say Thank you for supporting the Queens project to Kerry McCormick. You will help me tell the stories of women like Sacagawea who was an interpreter and guide during the exploration of Lewis and Clark. She was a Lemhi Shoshone woman who the NAWSA used as a symbol of women’s worth and independence. She was pregnant with her first child when she began to work with Lewis and Clark.

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Good Soil

This morning when I was waiting in the long Starbucks drive thru line, I had a moment of clarity, or a revelation or an “ahha” moment. Whatever you want to call it.

All of the struggles we are currently going through right now is God cultivating our heart. He is taking hard dry ground and enabling it to grow something.

Just like I am waiting on spring so that I can start gardening and lawn care, God is putting all of these things in my path to tear up the ground of my heart. To make me vulnerable to His Word.  He is preparing it for the seeds He plans to drop.

This came to me as I thought of the book I am reading and how the words almost overwhelm me at times. God has used all of the issues of the past months to turn up my heart so that when I read what He has to say to me, it will take hold.  He wants to plant it in good soil so that it bears fruit.

Stop resisting your troubles. Don’t grow bitter. You are not alone.

Allow God to turn up your heart like hard ground after a cold dry winter.  Look for the seeds He is planting along with the care of the soil. He is all you need.

Thank you for your support

I want to say Thank You for supporting the Queens project to Regina Anderson.  She will help me tell stories of women like Sojourner Truth who was born Isabella (“Bell”) Baumfree. She changed her name to Sojourner Truth in 1843.

She said “I did not run off, for I thought that wicked, but I walked off, believing that to be all right.”




Some days you are running along with life. It is not going the way you want it, but you have learned to make applesauce out of bad apples and lemonade out of not enough lemons.

You have learned to walk with the Lord and pray.

Lord, should I go this way?

Lord, should I do this?

You are walking and working in His will. You are helping the poor, reaching the lost and representing Jesus well.

All of a sudden, the winds pick up and start to blow harshly. It begins pouring rain before you can find shelter. Your car is wrecked, your job is lost, your loved one is ill.

If you like me, you like, I need to check my connection cause He didn’t say anything about this in our morning quiet time. You feel blindsided by God. He didn’t mention this catastrophe when you were chatting.

Laura Story reminds us that sometimes our blessings are in the storms. If you have been praying for something and trouble has taken up residence in your life, look for the blessing.  This week in bible study, Moses is surrounded by people who complain and grumble about everything. Can you imagine spending your latter years with a bunch of complainers? They were on their way to the promise land and did not like how God was driving.  Eventually all of the complainers died in the dessert and never got to go into the promise land.

Just because you don’t see a way out of your problem, doesn’t mean God hasn’t got it all figured out.  Look for the blessings in your storm it will make the journey to the promise land so much better.  One of the greatest gifts God gives us is a choice.