Rerun on History

One of the things I love about my life is Netflix. I get to watch episodes of entire series consecutively. I get a good sense of what the production was about and what they are saying. I am very fond of European television series because it gives me insight into how people in other parts of the world think, see themselves and view the world.

The sad thing is that some people don’t think that television reflect the society it caters to. I believe it does. The shows that are at the top of the ratings ladder speak to our values as a society. Some times I cringe at what the rest of the world thinks of us North Americans.  But we are what we are.

I am currently into the British series, Inspector George Gently, which is set in the 1960s in Northern England dealing with crime. Yet it spends a fair amount of time dealing with 1960s society and its norms. But I think what the story does well is deal with the culture. It shows the old guard and the new guard. Of course it has the gift of history. As I watch it, I think this was the culture I was born into, this tug of war between good and better. Not so much the English part, but this changing of the guard.

An Ah ha moment came to me as I watched a scene where the two war veterans (WWII) looked at the young hippie protesters and then at each other. One asked “Was the sacrifice worth it?”


They were asking if the sacrifice of fighting a war so they could continue to live free was worth the cost of having to listen to the young people disrespect everything they fought for. After all, they could only protest freely because the Allies won the war. (right) The young people shouting out disrespectful words didn’t understand they were standing on the shoulders of people who died to give them the right. I was born during a time when people hated each other. They segregated themselves from each other to continue to facilitate that hate.

50 years later, here we are again. We tell our younger generation that they do not appreciate what was sacrificed to give them the rights they have today. They stand on the shoulders of dead civil rights workers and disrespect the process. They do not understand.

It gives me a giggle to think that we are repeating a cycle that happened when I was born.

The problem is that we did not teach the next generation from when they were babies, that it is a right that someone died for so that you can go to school and receive an education for free, you can own property and not BE property.  We have depended on someone else to teach the next generation our family and ethnic heritage and those folks have not done a good job.

As Joel Barker said, when a paradigm shifts, we all go back to 0. Some people just don’t realize they are at 0. As I was watching this TV series, it reminded me we are back at 0. Racism is getting worse. Violence is getting worse. Hatred is like a coke commercial. You see it everywhere.

Our history is going to be the thing that saves us. We will have to remember the love that overcomes this type of hate. We will have to remember what it looks like, what it acts like. It wasn’t Malcolm’s militancy, it was Martin’s love. Love overcomes all kinds of hate.

In the Bible God told Israel to teach their children all of the things He had done for them. He wanted them to know the stories. He wanted the children to know the type of obstacles their people had overcome through His mighty power. The stories showed His faithfulness and His love.

If you retrace our history, you will see the lives of men and women who sacrificed for the good of others. I thank all the men and women who have gone to war to preserve our freedom. It is one of the greatest gifts on this planet.  I want to live a life worthy of their sacrifice. Not just the white ones, or the black ones or the brown ones. All of them. They gave up something they cannot get back.

Nelson M

This year my wall calendar has been Nelson Mandela. All year I have been reminded that 27 years in prison shaped his life.  When he got out, he could have done anything he wanted. He served his people.

God calls us use whatever gift we have received to serve others. (1 Peter 4:10) He says it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Every time you turn on the TV to watch, let it remind you of our culture. Once you are reminded of it, go and do your part to change it. We need to wake up before it gets too late.

Who wants to play with pirates?

The Privateer Series

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She was smart, cautious and shy. A single young woman is tricked by modern day pirates losing everything she owned. As she tries to figure out what happened to her belongings, her world crashes around her as government and private agencies treat her as a suspect. Determined to find the man who did this to her, she stumbles onto a government top secret. Finding this modern day pirate turns into a race against lethal forces.

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He’s Done Enough

Today I feel exceptionally full. God has blessed me beyond my expectations.  And (like the song says) if He doesn’t do anything else, He’s done enough.

He has clothed me in my right mind. (Because many of you are not).

He has given me health and strength. He has helped me lose weight and lower my blood pressure.

He has given me the funniest family a girl could have. There is always laughter when these folks get together.

He has pruned the branches from my life that were not bearing fruit.

He has given me a heart for Himself. I love studying His Word.

Let me tell you something, this morning I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw the story of a woman who was testifying to eternity in her discussion group while at the same time, her husband was entering it. The words of her testimony speak louder than anything to me. She believes God.

One day God will ask you what you believe and your testimony will tell what you really think. What you say in those moments will tell us what you believe.

I like social media, because it tell lets me know what people really think. It gives me their true testimony. Do they complain about the gifts they have been given? Do they squander it and take it for granted? Are they full of hate and deceitfulness always talking about other people?  Are they mean spirited?

Their social media testifies for them.

In Revelation, John testifies to Jesus Christ. As Beverly Crawford will remind you, I am talking about Mary’s baby, Jesus, who saved us through the shedding of his blood on a cross. As my pastor pointed out Sunday, the beating and torture was bad, but carrying our sin was far worse.

He has done enough. Thank you Jesus.

Because I am grateful, this week you get Beverly Crawford for the old school and Fantasia for the new school. Either way,  it is time to get your praise on.

Old School

New School

Working on My Gifts

This has been a very low key week for me. I have not been able to do many outside activities. I have spent the week writing and editing.  Even though it is a creative process, I am methodical in my approach. Each project reveals to me a little more about who I am and what I believe.

I am working on two new books and one old one. I like the possibilities of the new ones, and the perspective the old ones give me. I decided that if I am going to pray over things, I am going to work on things.

God gave me the gift of storytelling and over the years has allowed me to do it in various forms. Each project has its own story to tell. I pray that each story will impact the lives of the people who read them. I pray the stories will point them to God.

I try never to take this gift for granted. I know I can only do it through the one who gave it to me. God.

I did, of course, make time for bible study. The Book of Revelation is nothing like I thought it would be. It has been fun and revealing God in a new way.

It reminded me that God is not dead, He is surely alive. Living on the inside, roaring like a lion.

Privateer Series

privateers book coverrecovery-cover-book

Book 1, Privateers and Book 4, ReCovery is available on Amazon and Createspace.



A single young woman is tricked by modern day pirates losing everything she owned. As she tries to figure out what happened to her belongings, her world crashes around her as government and private agencies treat her as a suspect.

Book 2, Insurrection and Book 3, Mutiny will be available in 2016.


I got so wrapped up in the tasks for the past week, I forgot to blog. I am working on three books right now and preparing for the Queens photo shoot. Some times you can be so busy in God’s work, you miss the moments.

This week I got to join with thousands of people around the world starting the study of Revelation. In Bible Study Fellowship classes are packed with people wanting to know what God is doing through prophecy. I love it when people pursue God because that is when great things happen. From my Facebook page, I watched as groups around the country posted photos of their packed sanctuaries. Praise God!

In addition to studying the book of Revelation, I believe the study will be revealing in many ways. Not only will I get more book knowledge, but I know the experience will reveal the Lord in a way I have not met Him before. It is kinda like watching a new TV series, as you meet all the characters and get into their situations.

Last Monday evening I got a glimpse of what heaven will be like. I ran into many old, good friends who I have studied God’s word with in the past. There will be an eternity for people and their stories to be revealed and how we impacted each other’s lives.  There are women who prayed for me and I can’t wait to hug and thank them.

Monday, I am sure I only got to see a few people. Because there were more than 800 women there, I know each week is going to reveal more and more.  I am excited to see what He does next.

This is the first year for the study of Revelation in BSF, so I was not sure what to expect. The questions have been very enlightening. I have studied prophecy before, but this study really is making it much more clear. 2 Peter 1:19-21 helped me understand that prophecy shines a light in a dark place. That passage walked a long way with me this week.

My pastor, who is also teaching on prophecy, said Revelation is about praise and worship. Walking into these chapters with this in mind will definitely change my perspective. I am a praise and worship girl.

Like all new studies, I expect the Lord to reveal Himself to me in a new way. I know it will be life changing.  Lord give me a revelation.