The Journey Begins

Welcome to my new blog. This will be a journal of the journey to completion for the movie Privateers: A Legacy Continues.  This will not be a daily journal, but just when significant things happen.  We will also run a list of all of the people who support us financially, allowing us to use their property, props and etc.

Today, I held the first audition for the movie Privateers: A Legacy Continues.  I have been in preproduction for a while. This will be the first feature film I direct. Right now, I am concentrating on producing. My goal is to get all of the major producing out of the way, so that when production starts I can turn it over to the associate producers.  I want to be free to work with the actors.

This will also be one of the first productions, Bill, Daniel and I work on together. They are crazy and I can tell the set is going to be a blast.  We have a lot of creative juices, and today was a good example of it. The three of us are also big hams, so you will also see us in the movie. (And trust me it will not be a where’s waldo moment. You will know us when you see us.)

Right now, I am procrastinating casting. It was fun watching all of those actors do their thing, but now I have to make some choices.  I still have another round of auditions to go, but I saw some wonderful talent today.  But I still need three HOT guys. Do you know any?



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