So I started working on casting yesterday, and I sent out some emails.  I offered some parts to some people, when the power went out in the neighborhood.

It was about 5am when we had electricity again. And no I didn’t check my email. I went to bed.

Through auditions, I met an extraordinary group of actors.  I love the energy this group of people are giving me. I know God has hand-picked them.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store. I picked people who had good positive energy and do this because they love it.

I am hoping this project starts off as a labor of love for me, but soon becomes the teams project. I believe God has directed me toward a group of people who will embrace this story and tell it with everything they got. I believe we will make magic.  That is what I ask of every member of the cast and crew. We are going to make magic on the screen. We will look at this project and say “Wow, how did that happen?”

We are going to spend the next two months in prep work.  I will be meeting with the cast and crew working on make up and wardrobe. We will also do a reading in late November.

And in the meantime, I am helping Bill with The Leak, which I think is going to be great.  Bill has an incredible mind that he gives us glimpses into with each project. And guys, he has some stuff on the horizon that is building on his body of work. I am so glad we have Bill.  Bill will also have a role in Privateers.

Daniel has been working on the poster for Privateers.  He will also have a role in Privateers that I think will blow some of the younger actors out of the water.  But more importantly, Daniel has a vision of this project that he isn’t afraid to communicate to me that I think will help us achieve my goals.

So I can’t wait to get about doing what we were created to do. When I have more updates, I will let you know.



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