About UPP Creative

UPP Creative is a multi-media company that tells stories that matter.

We tell stories that illustrate how colorful and fun life really is.

We tell stories the reveal the inhumanity that percolates in the soul.

We tell stories.

We educate you about marginalized communities so that you can learn from them, while stimulating the mind and spirit with projects that are designed to make you think. Our work is intended to entertain and inform through different media avenues.

Laughter is essential to life. Empathy is essential to eternity.

We exalt the name of God through creative expressions.

Our 2021 Projects include:

* a short film 14 to Fate

*  a new book, TBD

*  an essay, More Than A Color

* Writing

We also offer services in graphic design, editing and podcasting.  

Our Vision
We dream wider than the sky
Deeper than the ocean
and with the heart of God

Social Media:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @uppcreative   

Company History

UPP Creative Media was founded in 2010 by Karen Anderson with the desire to make movies that entertained people but pointed toward a higher calling for everyone. The company started producing books, videos and photos. With small budgets and big hearts, she set out to prove it could be done.

She produced and directed Family Tree in 2015 which showed in the Oklahoma Urban Film Festival and the Festival International du Pan African in the Cannes.

Every project has been done with the help of many gifted and talented people.

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