He flapped furiously into the wind

but looked stationary. He went nowhere no matter how hard the little bird flapped his wings. I am sure some of you can relate. You are doing everything you know to do, but your situation is not changing. You are sweating, crying, and doing everything you know to do. The winds are going against you just like the little bird.  You feel it is all in vain.

But then the little bird stopped flapping, spread his wings and let the wind take him where it wanted to.  He glided carefree to the ground, picked up some food and flew on. I got such a giggle out of it. He spent all of his energy flapping for nothing.  Some days I feel like that.  I feel like I am flapping and flapping and not moving forward. But I know better.

We need to be like the little bird. Stop flapping. Glide and let it take us where we need to be.

God has a plan for your life, it is one to prosper you and not harm you.  (Jeremiah 29:11) He isn’t promising to make us all rich, but He is promising to make our lives full. You have to trust Him. Spread your wings and let the wind take you where you are needed.

2017-04-22 20.54.19

I am working on a couple of new projects. Can’t wait to share them with you! Stay in touch.

Peace and Hair Grease

The Smells of Heaven

I am sure before Christ’s resurrection the aroma of the sacrifices for sin filled the space. The Bible tells us that the best cut of meat was sacrificed on the altar as an atonement for sin. I think the fragrance of the prayers of the saints overpowered it. I am sure it was amazing to breathe.

Today, I walked through an area where smokers hung out. Not only was the smell of tobacco in the air, but it was stale.  I tried to hold my breath until I got past it.

The smell I abhor is walking into a restroom and it smell like urine. As I was hurrying trying to get out of there I thought. “Lord, is this what it was like coming to earth? You left the amazing smells of Heaven for the filthiness of earth.”

I can’t think of anyone I like enough to stay in a situation that smells bad.  Yet, I can only imagine what Jesus gave up for His love of us.  He went to the depths of Hell for us.

Bulls and lambs are no longer sacrificed. Prayers are still the fragrance of the saints. Jesus offers eternal life to all those who believe.  Jesus has only one stipulation to those who want eternity with Him. John 3:16.

Chris Rock Started Singing Circus Afro

in the middle of worship this morning and I couldn’t stop to answer the phone. Yes, Chris Rock is still my ringtone. It is normally my habit to turn the ringer off before I enter the church. I did the same thing today, but it came back on in the middle of church service, but fortunately I was up in the sound booth, and only the folks up there with me heard it.


Another habit I have been practicing a little longer is sacrificing something for Lent. I am not Catholic or any type of Orthodox religion. I just appreciate the season. I was thoroughly amused when a friend asked me what I gave up for Lent.  I have been doing this long enough that folks who know me know.


One of the things I chose was to praise God everyday in a very physical way. So on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and here I posted my praise in the form of His Word.  It was interesting to see which scriptures resonated with my friends.

I also believe that it is not a sacrifice unless it cost you something.  How can I offer to God something that is free to me? How can I offer something that means nothing to me?  So I sacrificed things that I valued.

As I approach this last week before Easter, this Holy Week,  I am reminded that He is a Holy Uncreated God. Everything I see is created, He is not created. Even though I cannot wrap my finite mind around this, it is true.

I am also reminded as I make my way to the cross this week with millions of other Christ followers, that the way to the cross is not paved in gold bricks and lavished meals.

It was on a dirt road, with a heavy cross and lots of onlookers who were not willing to help.  He endured the pain of the cross for me. Praise God.

Sometimes God Moves You Out the Way

so He can get to people.  I mean you pray over people and when God starts acting in their lives you jump in and try to do it. You better recognize that God will get you so busy that you only have time to run your life.

God has me busy working in my life. I don’t have to worry about you, talk about, wonder what do. My prayer list is long and God keeps adding people. (And I keep trying to take people off)

I pray for my friends, my enemies, people I know and people I don’t know.  I have projects in the works and spend my time praying asking God if these things are really significant for His Kingdom.  Cause to tell you the truth, I am tired.

So when people come to me with petty shit, I look at them and wonder if this is really all they have going on in their lives.  I pray Lord, please handle this.

This week I got to have dinner with my home girls and it was such a blessing.  Even though I had an agenda full of things to accomplish this week, the Spirit led me to go fellowship with these ladies. It was such a blessing.

I learned alot.

One of the things I learned is that we put condemnation on ourselves because of what we think others represent.  I love Jesus with all my heart mind and soul. In Him there is no condemnation for sin.  If my love for Jesus makes you feel condemned because you are a sinner, then you need to take that up with Jesus. Because we all live in sin, none is greater than the other. I just don’t let my sin condemn me. He has promised there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.  I accept it and walk in it.

I repent of my sin and move on.  There is work to do.  The past couple of weeks I have met many people who are so caught up in the fact that they can’t stop sinning it paralyzes them.

The other thing I loved about our impromptu  meeting was we taught each other. We laughed. We learned we needed to listen to each other because we give sound advice.  It was a great moment.

God sends us a word through the people we encounter daily. Listen, you will find out He is near you. He is answering your call. It doesn’t look like you expected, but it is His plan. Stop getting in His way as He answers your prayers. Trust. He is light. In Him there is no darkness. 1 John 1:5

1 John 1,5

God Knows Your Heart

so it is no use trying to pretend. I was talking to a friend last night. She was struggling with praying for her enemies.

First of all, she was overwhelmed with guilt for having enemies. But when someone puts a target on your back, that gives them a special status. Jesus had enemies so as his disciples why would we not have them.  What I love about Jesus is He had no problem confronting their behavior. In Matthew 3:7 and 12:34 He called them vipers.

When people attack us, we need to be honest with ourselves and with God. We need to pray honest prayers over the situation.  I know some folks like to pray good things over their enemies, but baby, I bet they get upset when they see good things happening to them. I have learned to pray from exactly where my heart is. God knows where my heart is so there is no need for me to pretend and pray a bunch of stuff I don’t believe.  (just because you say it in a prayer doesn’t make it true)

I will lift up my enemies family situation, their work, finances, relationships, everything God brings to mind. Lord, get them so busy dealing with their stuff they don’t have time to deal with me.

What you do is give God permission to deal with your honest stuff. You have to recognize your stuff before God can change it.  Most recently some folks came after some friends and me hard. Sometimes I found the situations to be unreal because the prejudice was so over the top. But we prayed honest prayers and talked each other out of physical violence.

One day of the main oppressor went away.  It was awesome.  Then the Lord began to deal with the others. He took us from praying “Lord, get them!” to  praying “Lord, save them.”  We went from wanting to hit them in their throats to praying that God would deliver them from their struggles.

The Lord handled them and healed us. Most people miss the healing part, because they are too afraid to pray those first prayers.  They let bitterness take root, and never let God dig it out.  They stay in the pretend world of wanting good things to happen to everyone.

I want people who intentionally do evil to others to feel the wrath of God.  Many want to emphasize God’s  love, but down play His judgment.  Jesus has promised that God will protect His sheep, and I am going to hold Him to it.  When people come after me, I am going to let God handle it.

I pray over everyone who comes against me. Most situations the Lord has changed my heart on, while there are still a few I should not meet because I will hit them in their throat.  I have learned He deals with everything in its own time.  We are such a microwave generation that we want to feel better about something instantly, while God will take all the time He needs to work out His plan.

I keep praying until I see Him change a situation. He does. In the process I become a better me, not a bitter me.  How about you?

My Day

My sister called me fearless earlier this week and it gave me a giggle. I am not fearless. There is something I am afraid of. Whenever I find myself bending to fear something on this earth, I think Revelation 4.  There is a green and red God (for people who have issues with folks who are different than them this may be a problem) who sits on the throne surrounded by four living creatures with eyes in front and back of their head. One day we will all face this. This praise was appropriate for today because He always puts things in perspective for me.

March 11I started the day off with the optometrist because I learned last week I could get treatment for my dry eyes through my insurance. It cost $8 y’all. It was one of those moments that you don’t realize how bad something is until you feel the good. The doctor put drops in my eyes and they felt wonderful. Sometimes you don’t know things are bad until you feel the good.

I took the Rx to the pharmacy and of course the initial drug was our of my price range.

Commercial: I am living like no one else so later I can live like no one else.

The pharmacist was so cool. She found a compatible drug at a cheaper price. We confirmed it with the Dr and I was on my merry way.  Note: pharmacist know how drugs work and are a great source for finding a less expensive brand. Let the experts do their job.

Still learning how to read with my new lined bifocal. Although when I sat down to try them on,  I couldn’t see a thing. I was like “Hey, these don’t work!”  I had put on Hope’s glasses by mistake. Sometimes you can’t see because you got someone else’s stuff. Wait for your own stuff.

Winco is my favorite grocery store. With my photographed shopping list, I remembered the SPAM. My friend and I talk about this at lunch. She said spam is good. After all, she told me about a great place to buy fried fish and she was right. My friends teach me how to eat poor and cook. I got the SPAM, but only two other things on my list. Bhwaaa. Part of the adventure of life is doing things you haven’t done before.

I jump from something I have never tried to something that is a staple. Taco Soup. Fried the ground beef for the soup. I still remember the first time I had taco soup more than a decade ago during a fellowship with my BSF sisters at LABC. It is one of the first meals I cook for my daughter on Spring Break. It will be a great way to sit and reflect on the past year.

This week I finished the Dave Ramsey class, Financial Peace University. It has changed my life. I have found a new confidence in Chris and an excellent financial strategy to guide my financial principles by. I spent time this afternoon working on my list. I am living like no one else, so I can live like no one else.





When she first told the story, I didn’t hear her because of all the noise in the restaurant. There were other conversations going on. But one of my friends decided that she would do 17 things she had never done before in this upcoming year. The more I thought about it, the more I thought I should do it too.

How cool is that to intentionally seek to learn something new.

This journey is turning out to be fun. I am three in and it has been a learning experience. But it has also changed my mindset in some areas. One of the things on my list was attend s Mardi Gras parade.

I got to see parts of Galveston I had never seen. I collected beads. We had good laughs.

This journey helpd me not take things do serious.


It has also given me new ways to see some old things. It has encouraged me and given me new confidence.

So. Why don’t you try it?

Watching Me Ain’t Gonna Save You

I put feet to my faith because I know the God I serve is able. There are dozens of people who stay connected to me but do not share the same ideology. These idiots really think we can agree to disagree about things like injustice, discrimination and murder. (Yes, really)

As I talk to the Lord about this, He told me to tell you this. You can’t be saved by watching. Watching me fight the good fight is not going to save you. And as long as there is breath in my body I will always champion humanity. I will always do the things God has for me to do and they are aligned with His word.


Many of you are on the wrong side of this and you can’t jump ship at the end. The One who judges knows your heart. He can’t just be your Lord sometimes like when you feel safe and secure. You either find your security in Jesus or you don’t. Which begs the question, do you really believe? As we sit in our comfortable homes and watch families being torn apart please know there will be a reckoning. God is just.



Now let me say, I appreciate knowing where you stand. Because when the earth opens up and swallows you, I will not feel bad for you. He is allowing me to see many of the folks who I thought were Christ lovers are not. The love of your possessions and self care is more important than taking God’s message to the poor. No, for your own security you would rather they are ejected from the country. You can talk any kind of game you want, but what you put your feet to is what counts. You are championing hatred, fear and selfish ambition which are fruits of evil and God promises you will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21)

I have learned NOT to align myself with people who don’t believe what I believe because you start to become like them. I want to be like Jesus and I can see in this country there are very few like Him. But as I learned in BSF, my citizenship is in heaven. Some of you might want to re evaluate and see if that is where your true citizenship is.

Maybe you are following me cause you want to know what to do. It is time to renounce fear. It is time to stop trying to kick people out of country you don’t even own. Everything on this earth is God’s.  God brought all of these people here to teach us about Himself and we as a nation are rejecting Him. It has to stop. It is kinda like my Mama used to say. You can stop yourself or I can stop you. You don’t want God to stop you.  (IJS)

I Will Not Be Quiet! I Will Not Shut Up!

As long as there are people in the world who oppress others, I will be the champion of the oppressed. I was born in the middle of the 1960’s in the United States during a time when African Americans fought for equal rights. Yet my generation has been labeled soft because we had not had the oppressive experiences our parents lived through. They lived through segregation, lynchings, boycotts and marches. Their memories were scarred with what could happen if they gave up.


But what I love about this new Civil Rights Movement is that it is geared towards all people. This is not just a movement about African Americans.  It is about all people from all walks of life having access to the same opportunities. Dr. King said ” We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like water, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” (I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King Jr.)

I caution you to be leery of people who tell you not to protest. Ask yourself what is their underlying motivation. Many people have had their sources of revenue messed up by this distress.  It is time for these people to decide who they really represent. If God is there source, He will provide for them. If He is not, well.

Certain politicians are very smug and believe they control the people, but are slowly finding out that that is not true. In order to control the people, they have to control their minds and the information they take in. Again, they are fighting an old battle with old means.

What I love about this new movement is that many of our networks were already together thanks to the greed of some business savy folks who thought it would be cool if people connected through social media. A video can go viral without the help of the press or civic officials. Injustice is being captured and played for the world to see. And America is being held accountable for how she responds.

I mean really, a woman who called the police for help, was arrested by the man who came to help. She was going to face charges until someone released his bodycam video showing him beating the hell out of her and her daughters. And millions of views around the world made them drop the charges on the woman and reevaluate the police officer. (I mean city officials knew all this from the beginning, but having millions of viewers looking at you and questioning your decision making process made them change their minds about charges against the woman.)This is the world we live in and we are not shutting up until we get justice for all.

Another thing about this movement is that we share ideas on how to take on this beast call discrimination and prejudice. I love how people all over the world share ideas and pour into one another. I cherished getting Dr. Bernice King’s list on how to manage this. You share ideas in real time and they become movements.

No, do not be quiet! The person we save will probably be one of those folks in the back trying to pretend like this is not really a big deal.  When they first started registering Jews in Germany, they probably thought it was no big deal. But we need to let them know they will have to fight for every piece of ground they take.


Resist the darkness that wants to shove portions of our society down. Resist the talk that says they are Christians because Jesus did not love like that. Resist your own comfort and peace because someone is going to be discriminated against if YOU give up the fight. Don’t tear things up. Don’t physically hurt people. Resist the message that only certain people should have rights.


“With this faith, we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.” (I Have A Dream, Martin Luther King Jr.)