Fill In The Gap

With this magazine we have allowed women and men to tell their own stories. They have written about things that are important to them and thought you would appreciate.

The 2022 Issue of Fill In The Gap

In this issue we shared experiences from the year 2022 which we believe have influenced the views we have about the year. The cover image of downtown Chicago at night was taken by Gena Jackson.

Here Issue 2022 Vol 1

The 2021 Issue of Fill In The Gap

This issue allows women of color to tell their COVID stories. Was it real? Did it really do what they said it did. Real women tell how this pandemic has changed their lives.

Here Issue 2021 Vol 1

The 2020 Issue of Fill In The Gap

This issue examines life during the pandemic and racial tension.

2020 Cover

Fill In The Gap 2020 Issue Vol 1

Fill In The Gaps is a magazine is designed to give a voice to marginalized women who don’t have one with the intent of sharing information and entertainment. This magazine fills in the gaps of information we think is pertinent and may not have received from our family or at school. We do it in a fun informative way.

Here is the link to our Winter Issue 2019

Fill In The Gap Winter Issue 2019

Here is the link to our Fall Issue 2019

Fill in the Gap Magazine Fall 2019

Here is the link to our first issue: Spring 2109

Fill In The Gap Magazine Spring 2019

Here is the link to our Summer 2019 Issue:

Fill in the Gap Magazine Summer 2019

The quarterly magazine will cover women’s health issues, legal, weight loss, spiritual, exercise, fashion, justice, employment, parenting, relationships, men, activism, side hustles, etc. in a practice fun manner.