For What You Have Sacrificed

We thank you Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You were not able to attend your kids soccer games or school programs. You were not able to see their wedding day or birth of their first children. You were not able to see the election of African American senators, congressmen and even the first African American President. But you marched on and we thank you.


You showed us how to love when we were treated poorly. When they put the dogs on us, beat us brutally and even took us to jail. You taught us it was an opportunity to love.  Like the Apostle Paul, you even wrote us a letter from jail encouraging us during the fight.

You were not able to work for major corporations making high dollar salaries. You were not able to attend major universities seated next to children of senators and congressmen. You did not get to experience the wealth for which you fought. But you marched on and we thank you.



You showed us that during times of adversity is when we need to take the high road. You taught us faith was depending on God and not on man. You taught us that we need to keep up the fight even though we might not see the results. You lived that example for us.


You have left a powerful legacy. Thank you for the sacrifice. We don’t deserve it. Thank you for the example. We don’t deserve it. BUT we are going to do the same for the next generation and build on the example you have left. I pray that Lord will allow the stars in the heaven to shine brighter because of the work He has done through you.



What’s Your End Game?

I saw this tree all day, but it wasn’t until the end of the day that I actually looked at it. Then I saw the one leaf hanging on for dear life. It is funny how you can see something all day and not really see it. How you can work at a job for many years and wonder what the heck you are doing there? How many of you are hanging on to something that is not for you?  Like this leaf, you think you are going to make this work.


Many of you are in places you were not supposed to be. Maybe God had you there for a little while and you got comfortable and stayed.  You figure the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t. But it is slowly killing you, physically, mentally and spiritually.  You have lost hope because you have your hope in the wrong things, like a job, a child, a marriage, location, a president.

The Creator of the universe created you for something special. When He called you into being, He specially designed you with a purpose and a plan.  He knew He could bring something beautiful out of darkness.


And like the sun that sets everyday, He has a purpose and plan for you. It is time for you to start operating in your purpose.  I remember seeing this sunset and thinking wow. I need a picture of it, but sun was setting faster than I could get my camera ready.  If you don’t start operating in the purpose He has for you, you are going to miss those amazing moments God has planned for your life.  It is possible to miss the blessing.


But it is never to late to catch a glimpse of His glory as long as you are on this side (in the land of the living). It is not as spectacular as the original blessing, but still worth it.  In 2017, ask God what is your end game? What are you working towards? What were you created to do?




Happy New Year

Welcome to 2017. It is going to be a great year. We are starting the new year with a new look.  We will incorporate some new stuff into some of our old which will make for a fun year. You can keep up with us here or on Facebook.


Who Is This Crazy Lady

and why should you listen to anything she says?

I am first, a child of the Most High God. I have many roles in this life, but very few of them define me like being a Jesus follower.  I love Jesus. He gifted me with salvation. He has given me many other talents and a life full of adventure. He has created in me the ability to tell stories through several mediums: film, books and photography.

I have stood at the feet of the Great Emancipator in the District of Columbia, stood at the edge of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama and touched the Gates of Time in Oklahoma City, OK. Those are just a few of the places, I have stopped at. Not only has He given me adventure, but a heart for the people I encounter along the way.

I am also a mom, sister, travel companion, coworker, friend, annoying person who always reminds you of what God’s Word says on a subject. I cherish all of the roles (especially the latter.)

In 2016, many of you have gotten to know me by some of those roles and I would like to thank you. It has been a year full of photography, books and film. I appreciate your support.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


UPP Creative Media



Christmas Moments

Life is full of great moments and I had one today. Some friends and I were talking about buying Christmas presents for our children and how overwhelming it could be.  Then T said “Remember when all you really wanted for Christmas was a bike?”


Remember when everyone in the neighborhood had to have a bike.  And if you didn’t have one, you were riding on the back or sitting on the handlebar.  I remember getting my bike for Christmas. (and the hell of having my father try to teach me to ride it.)

But I learned and rode with my friends who had bikes. We would ride fast with the wind in our hair. We would pretend to be bus drivers or race car drivers.  There was a hill where I lived so it was always a challenge to get down the hill and still be upright on your bike.

And then T said “Then everyone wanted roller-skates.”

And so did we. This was before helmets, knees pads and etc. I remember my sister and I in our bright new white skates with the cousins skated to the store. When we was almost at the store, this big dog jumped out barking.  Baby we was like those Fred Flintstones feet. (Running as fast as we can but going nowhere.) (Although my sister did fall on broken glass and hurt herself) But we made it through.

T reminded us of the Walkman and that Boombox with a record button. You could put your cassette tape in and record yourself singing. Beautiful memories.4

My pastor said we should give our kids memories, not more stuff.  He was right.  I have great memories, as jacked up as some of them are. I wouldn’t trade them.  Go make memories.