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14 to Fate

Imagine a world with no white people. Imagine a world with no black people. After a thousand years of separate worlds, a virus breaks out in each world and there is only one solution. But it is illegal for them to come together.  Two of the most powerful women in the world had 14 minutes to have a secret meeting that could save lives in a racially divided world.



Hythica           60s Caucasian woman, noble woman think Emma Thompson, nervous if she has made the right decision.

Gilda                50s woman of color, noble woman think Alfre Woodard, nervous she is going to get got.

Danni                 late 20s Caucasian assistant, she leads the resistance, but is dedicated to her boss. She is trying to do the right thing.

Del                        early 20s Caucasian assistant, she is along for the ride and the adventure.

Raddie              late 20s woman of color assistant, she leads the resistance, but loves her boss like a mom. She is trying to do the right thing.

Frederick             Man in his 30s or 40s man of color, on a secret mission

Real Guard 1           Late 20s woman of color. Excited and overwhelmed

Real Guard 2            Woman of color, prison guard

Real Guard 3               Early 30s woman of color, prison guard

To apply submit headshot/resume and the LINK to a 1 minute video monologue (Do not send your video)

Send to:



TV Talk with the Sistas

In this podcast, two sisters chat about iconic television shows and their impact on the African American and American culture. You can find it on Soundcloud. We are available on Stitcher, Apple, Google, iHeart and Spotify.


Fill in the Gap

The new magazine Fill In The Gap Magazine is designed to give a voice to marginalized groups with helpful information and entertainment. It will also give insight into different cultures.

Family Tree

Family Tree is the story of a family who don’t like each other, but find out that through thick and thin, they love each other. The family matriarch, Flora Hackney Jones, is challenged by her granddaughter, Kate to have a family reunion. Flora knew her children couldn’t speak two kind words to each other, less lone share a meal or party together. But Kate and her cousins manage to get almost everyone together plus some folks no one expects.

This movie show at the Oklahoma Urban Cinema Film Festival  in Oklahoma City, OK and the Festival International du Pan Africain de Cannes in France in 2015.

Group Photo
Movie Poster
Movie Poster

Produced in 2014

More information on how you can book the project at your church call 817.228.9968

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