This is a fiction series, I created around the images you will see. Each chapter will tell the story using an image of a leader in their society.  It is a moment in time where 10 women will have to make choices that will change the world as they know it.  They will look inside themselves and decide how to deal with struggles within. This is a place where women rule the world and men are more like stud horses.

Chapter 2: I Am Distraught At The Voice Of My Enemy

“Lieutenant, they are retreating!” the woman on her screen said.

“Yes! Chase them! Get as many of them as we can!” Said Lieutenant Relda Hamilton.

Still shaking, Relda turns off the screen she had been communicating with and dropped her hands in relief to the desktop.  She took deep breathes to slow down her breathing and prevent a panic attack. She stood in her private office alone.  It was the scariest moment of her life, but she did it. She led the military to victory.

“You wanted to see me?” her aid, Zofora entered.

“Yes, I need you to do something for me, but keep it quiet.”

Relda sent her personal aid to find out what happened to their commander. It was unlike her to not show up to a battle, especially one as key as this.

She had had a quick shower, changed uniforms and was on her way back to the Command Center. She was excited because she won the battle without her commanding officer.  She had no idea where her CO was. But was grateful for years of tutelage.

“Ma’am!” the voice called to her in hushed tones. Relda almost didn’t hear it as she headed down the hallway. The young Sargent pulled her off the hallway into a cove.

She continued to speak in hushed tones, “I didn’t want the others to know, because we had a victory without Commander Elica. But they broke through our lines before we pushed them back.”

Relda stared at her a moment in silence.

“The…” Relda couldn’t say it.

“Malamas broke through our lines, some of them.”

The Sargent stared at her waiting for her orders.

“Take two units, pretend to do clean up, and find them.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Ewelle, keep this quiet.”

“Yes ma’am,” the Sargent said and started off down the hallway.



“Don’t tell them what they are looking for until you are close.”


With a fresh new worry, Relda walked into the Command Center.  There was no acknowledgment of her entering, just someone sitting in her chair.

“Lieutenant Commander,” the voice came from behind her. She turned to see Admiral Celina. She hated Admiral Celina. She saluted the admiral.

“Admiral, I was not advised you were here.”

“Congratulations on your major victory. I wanted to thank you personally.”


Ten minutes later, Relda was on her way to her new assignment with a promotion. She was being sent to the other side of the country. Her superiors were hush hush as to why she was being moved. So she was hush hush about a few things too, like the broken lines and the missing commander.

The vehicle rocked from side to side as it made its way down the road in a convoy of injured soldiers heading to one of the main hospitals. Instead of taking the convoy especially designed for her, she jumped on a medical one. The smell of antiseptic and the sight of bandages reminded her of the cost of battle. Commander Elica had always reminded her that there was a cost for battle.

Something deep inside her told her this wasn’t right, but part of her was sad because she would not be able to celebrate her first victory with the soldiers who won it.  Her brain wanted to celebrate, but her heart was worried. Something was off.


Ecila laid on a bunk in a white room that had been designated as a prison for someone of her rank. She knew she would be arrested for skipping the battle. She just wanted her day in court. There were some things this administration was going to have to explain.

She had laid down her life for this country, but not for the type of corruption she had run into. She would make them face it.

Elica realized she was some type of celebrity. Every day a different guard brought her a meal. They all wanted to see what a dethroned Commander looked like. More importantly, they wanted to see her shaved head, paint and tattoos removed from her face. She had the marks of an ordinary citizen now.

She laid on the cot and watched them drop off the container. It was the most rest she had ever had in her life.  She waited for her day.


Across the city in one of the mansions delegated to the ruling Warriors things were churning. In the entryway, the hole in the wall was big enough for a person to step through, but no one did so out of fear.  The table in the entryway was missing, it had been used to create the big hole. But the chandelier hung like it was supposed to and the marble floors revealed no scratches.

Tifity looked at the hole and held back her giggle. Somebody was angry. Tifity clutched the papers she needed to be signed.

Mori, a tall beautiful Warrior, walked into the entryway as if nothing were out of place.

“Please give me good news,” Mori said pleasantly.

“Elica is in prison. Relda has been reassigned…”

“Finally some good news. The meeting must go off without perfectly.  All of the things that need to happen are on the folder on the table,” Mori said interrupting her and taking the papers from her.

Tifity looked both ways to indicate there was no table.

Mori looked up from the papers annoyed but then realized that something was wrong.  Then she signed quietly and walked around the busted wall.

Tifity used everything she had to hold in her laughter.

Mori walked back and handed her the paperwork.

“See that everything is done. Get back to me as you cover each step. Make sure everyone knows they need to be there, per Ursula.”

“Yes, ma’am. And Elica will be executed tomorrow for treason.”

Mori nodded.



Chapter 1: No Warrior Escapes By Her Great Strength


The outfit was stolen and the shoes were surprisingly comfortable.  Heels took the place of her regular boots. The tight leather dress hugged her form where her military outfit usually gave way.  There was a certain look she was going for and she achieved it because of the way the crowd parted for her arrival.

Her presence turned heads at the ball because normally she never attended such gatherings and she would never have been invited.  Also, her war make up probably had a lot to do with the stares. War make up was just for battle not for social engagements.  She still wore her war make up with one slight alteration.

In a room filled with elegance and beauty, perhaps the thing that took everyone off guard was her mere presence because she was supposed to be leading the cavalry into the biggest battle of them all. The battle that would decide who won the war. Instead, the lead warrior was dressed to the nines attending the biggest ball of the century. And she felt like dancing.

The fragrant smell of lilacs brought her out of her own head, and she realized the music had stopped. Everyone was silent and staring at her.  It was like a still photograph and they were afraid to breathe before the shutter snapped.

She picked up a fork from a table as she passed by and hoisted it at the band leader like it was her blade.  Her people loved the protection a lion could give them but didn’t want the lion in the same room as them.

The band leader ducked and started to play, understanding the message she had just sent.

Ecila walked toward her intended partner and held out her hand. His shy blue eyes met her steel grey eyes.  His eyes begged her not to choose him. He knew if he said no, he would have to fight her. He would obviously lose. If he said yes, there would be severe consequences the next morning.

She took his hand and pulled him up. As the music filled the room, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, while he delicately touched her waist. They started an elegant waltz. Everyone in the room wanted to gasp but were far too frightened to do so. They stood silent and still with their eyes opened quite wide.

The young man tried not to enjoy himself with the knowledge that every eye in the room was on them.  He couldn’t speak, but this woman had been his hero for many years. He had hoped one day to meet her, but not like this. Although he was sure he would never forget this night.

As the couple danced around the floor, people moved back out of their way. Soon the entire dance floor was theirs. The band leader started a Latin-infused number that made the couple salsa. Even though she outdanced him, he kept up.

Hovering in the corner, Tifity was outraged at Ecila’s insolence. She moved her spider thin body through the crowd quietly and out a back door. The whole time she was sending messages to people who needed to know what was happening.

There were women of higher rank than Ecila who dreamt of being at this ball, but it was far above their station. They understood where they fell in society’s hierarchy.

Tifity leaned against the wall and thought about how she would personally see that this woman got what was coming to her.  Ecila would die for her misstep.




The steel band around her wrist was starting to bleed. Ecila didn’t care, she just wanted her husband to hold her one more time.  While she had been dancing with the Prince, it reminded her of the arms she really wanted around her waist.

“Once Dria drops you off, trust no one,” Ecila instructed him. “Just do our emergency plan.”

“What about you? I should be here for you,” he asked. He was scared and sad at the same time. He was not sure how to handle this. His wife was supposed to be at war but was not. She was in trouble with the government she had protected all of her life. He wanted to help.

“No, you would only be leverage,” she said.  “Go be safe.”

“Why haven’t they found us? I thought that had that thing in you so they can always find you,” he said.

“I have the signal blocked so that you can get away. That’s why we didn’t meet at home. I will join you when I can.

“If…” he started.


Before he could say anything else, she pulled his six-foot frame to her and kissed him. She wanted to remember this kiss forever. It may be her last.