Our Weakest Moment is His Greatest

Paul thought he knew all there was to know about God, but on the road to Damascus what he learned changed his life. Paul was a very intelligent Jew who traveled in prestigious religious circles. He had permission to persecute people from this new religious sect, Christians.

While travelling on the road, a great light struck him blind and he heard the words of God speaking to him. I am sure it is terrifying coming close to something you know only to find out, you don’t know it at all.

He learned that God on the inside of your heart is better than head knowledge. He knew the more of himself that decreased, allowed God to increase and change the world.

Ever thought you were going somewhere, but it turned out that wasn’t it at all? Trust the process.

One Man’s Art…

Is probably something that other people will get a kick out of. Last week I visited the Art Institute of Chicago.

I am amused (and so are others) by the room with all the armor. But like anything it was a way of life. Which means you make accommodations for your head and your children…