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There is a reason it is called a “classic”

It evokes something in you that nothing else will. There are some songs that are attached to memories you can not shake nor do you want to. For as many people who have sung the Midnight Train to Georgia, my favorite will always be Gladys Knight and the Pips.

I love the story of loyalty, a woman sticking it out with her man, through ups and downs. Going where he goes. I don’t think I would do that but I love the story. Knight’s voice sounds authentic in the storytelling.

As I have grown older this music has built memory on top of memory. Even though I never saw him perform live, Frank Sinatra is a king in my book. There is something about his voice that sends me to another era. It wasn’t the one where he became a great performer, it was more like the one he created with his performances. He invited the audience to Come Fly With Me.

I chose LPs this week because they too are classic. My memory of LPs goes longer and farther than any other way of delivering music to people. I still own some.

Music is powerful and magical in that it can lift a mood or torture a soul. I was on the train the other day. A young girl enjoying her music offered me her headphones. It was so good she wanted to share.

Make music do that for you. Make your music so good, you can’t keep it to yourself. Let it lighten your steps and rock your world.

She is…

Iconic. Funny. Inspiring. She is Lucille Ball.

I have loved Lucy for years. She taught me about comedy through the show I Love Lucy. She made me laugh. She showed me what you could do if you don’t give up. You do things your way. You stay true to yourself.

Royalty of Music

What are two of the most popular songs to listen to when you hit the road?

Prince’s 1999 and Springsteen’s Born to Run were at the top of many lists of recommended songs to listen to while on a road trip. I remember when music came out on 8 Track Tapes. People had them in their cars and home. They had stacks of tapes. It was another way to listen to music.

Born to Run was released by Bruce Springsteeen in 1975 on Columbia Records. It sold more than six million copies.

1999 was released by Prince in 1982 on Warner Bros. It has sold over 4 million copies.