Book of the Month


A single young woman is tricked by modern day pirates losing everything she owned. As she tries to figure out what happened to her belongings, her world crashes around her as government and private agencies treat her as a suspect. Determined to find the man who did this to her, she stumbles onto a government top secret. Finding this modern-day pirate turns into a race against lethal forces.

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Artist of the Week

Kerry James Marshall is an American artist and professor, known for his paintings of Black figures. He previously taught painting at the School of Art and Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In 2017, Marshall was included on the annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. (Wikipedia)

Art of the Month

The Journey

These people took a journey to find something they had only heard in folklore. But something compelled them to move forward. The thing was a star and they began to follow it.

The Bible tells us they came from the East and were called wise men. Imagine the smartest people in the world at the time were following an astronomical phenomena. Whatever was at the end of it had to be life changing.

Christian folklore sometimes refer to these wise men as kings using Isaiah 60 and Psalm 72. They also give them a racial identity making one from China, or India or Persia or even Africa.

Regardless of where they were from. They went somewhere. The star led them on a journey that changed everything.

I Remember

I remember as a kid hanging clothes on the line to dry. It was made of wire strung from one point to another. You would hang your things out to dry, even though the world would see it. Your important things. You insignificant things. Things that meant something to you.

For 2022, I am gonna keep wearing my masks and my bonnet. What are you taking into 2022?