There is no Middle

A Hero and a Domestic Terrorist

my way of processing this past couple of weeks is to draw. there are images that will live in my mind for a while as I think about what happened in the capitol with average americans believing they were above the law. there is no middle ground. you are a hero or a terrorist.

Art of the Month

In 2021 the art series with examine moments in African American history in an attempt to UNERASE our past

When Africans were kidnapped and bound into slavery, they brought many skill sets with them. One of the greatest myths was that the people came here without skills. In Colonial America, enslaved Africans began fulfilling the needs that colonist needed to be equal with Europeans. Some Africans making wigs and styling hair to help their masters keep up with the current trends. Having a nice wig, which covered bald spots in men, was often a sign of privilege.

As early as 1820 former slaves began opening businesses including those as hairstylists. Most of their clients were white people. But with the end of slavery, women of African descent began to spend time on their own hair. It opened a new market for women like Madam CJ Walker and Annie Malone, who created empires from helping African American women take care of their hair.

Malone and Walker also created a method where African American women could earn income outside their home by doing hair and selling products. They could do white people’s hair. They could do African American people’s hair. It was once said, hairstyles were created in Harlem, before they went out into the world.


Don’t let the first few days of this month diminish your hope. This will be determined by where you place your hope. If you place it in circumstances, then this past week might have given you a little trouble.

I place my hope in Jesus. As I was reminded by bible study this week, sometimes He even blesses my mess. Instead of giving me what I deserve, He will make it so that I get a blessing from it.

Even though things look rough. Look for the hope in it.