I Am Grateful

for the ability to move my feet. God has taught me that when He teaches me something, I need to move my feet to put it into practice. I am not always the best, but He has given me the heart to do His will.

Sometimes it has been sending an encouraging note to someone who needed it, and once it was pack up and leave home. The results have blessed me beyond my imagination.

Faith is about living what you believe. It is about moving and action. What you do, shows what you believe.

Book of the Month

How To Raise God Wise Kids In A Satan Rich World

In a world that can seem hopeless, kids need a reason to hope. In addition to teaching our children how to get into college, play sports and chase the American Dream, there is something greater to be learned. He created the universe with stars and planets, yet the desire of His heart was to reconcile with people whom He loved. In this devotional, the author shares ideas of how to help your children have a personal relationship with God. Through scripture, art and stories, she shared the opportunities she had to teach her own child to get to know God.

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Sample Chapter

Pick Your Village

And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.

Hebrews 10:24-25

Society brags about self-made men who climb to the top. It leads you to believe that they did it by themselves. It reinforces the desire to be independent and not ask for help. People who need help are often thought of as weak.

As a single parent this was one of the easiest lessons. I knew I couldn’t raise a child on my own. I knew I was going to need help. God brought people into my life who would shape my daughter’s life. He does this for everyone because He believes in community. He understands the importance of this.

I can’t remember all of the names or all of the deeds, but I remember a kindergarten teacher who took my daughter home after school because I couldn’t get off work in time. I remember a group of friends who fixed up the house when we had no other means.

There have literally been hundreds people in our lives over the years. The beautiful thing was watching which people stick. Watching my daughter grow into a beautiful young woman with pieces of each person who poured into her life like a mosaic.

Not every person has been a good influence. However, I used those as teaching moments to say that not every person who comes into your life is there for your good. God will use it for good, but those people won’t.

Parents allow the person or persons God appoints to step in when you are just too tired. He knows we need an extra hand. He will send heroes to help guide their hearts because He has an interest in how the children turn out.

You will pick some, God will pick some. Don’t sweat it, just pray.

Pray that the Lord will give you people who will pray over your child, and always direct them towards God. He is a friend.

A Life Ahead Review

I am intrigued by Old Hollywood, so when I heard Sophia Loren had made a new movie, I had to see it. I remember her in House Boat with Cary Grant and Arabesque with Gregory Peck. I wanted to know if the 80ish actor could still bring the magic of movie making. This time her leading man would be a12 year old boy and would sex appeal work at her age?

The story all by itself drew me in. An older Jewish woman took in a Muslim child.

A Life Ahead tells the story of Madame Rosa who takes in children from the streets of her Italian town who have lost their parents. It follows the life of a 12-year-old Senegalese boy called Momo as he manages his life on the streets. In the opening sequence, Momo robs her.

Normally, bad teens get on my nerves because many writers allow them to do terrible things and get away with it. Momo gets to reap a little of what he has sown. It makes him a better person. As he adapts to life in Madame Rosa’s house, he discovers that there is an alternate way of living.

My favorite scene is when Momo, played by Ibrahima Gueye keeps his promise. This spoke to me in that it exemplified how showing someone how to live different is a better teacher than just telling them. Gueye is very convincing. There are nice moments but also a few sad ones as we watch Madame Rosa age.

The Italian language film was directed by Loren’s son, Edoardo Ponti, A Life Ahead and ison Netflix. The movie is dubbed in English, but the beautiful scenes and fun characters make up for it. Before this movie, the last movie Loren made was Human Voice in 2014. This movie was much better than I thought it would be. Loren was very beautiful at 86. The mother son team created a product that I could watch again and again.

Pick Your Village

The people who surround your life will determine what type of life you have. They will decide if your life is full of joy or focused on what you don’t have. So pick your village carefully.

When I say village I mean your friends, family members you hang with, where you work and what you do. All of this determines your quality of life.

I have great family and friends because of how we chose to have a relationship. We set healthy boundaries. This doesn’t mean our lives are perfect. It just means we have our own definition of good.