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Book of the Month: Destiny’s Dilemma

Destiny’s Dilemma is historical fiction that takes place in 1912 in Fort Worth, Texas where racism and segregation are a way of life. Zo Williams has to decide to stay and fight or go where the movement is taking ground.

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Working on Fall Issue

The new magazine, Fill In The Gap Magazine is designed to give a voice to marginalized groups with helpful information and entertainment. It will also give insight into different cultures. Our Fall Issue will have a Latina flavor. It will be available by the end of September. You will learns somethings you didn’t know.

You can check out the Spring and Summer issues on this link. Fill In The Gap

Even When He Knows We Will Fail

He gives us a chance anyway. Saul looked like he could fit the role. But the important things Saul needed, he lacked. God knew Saul’s character flaws but gave him a chance anyway.

Saul ruled Israel for 40 years but never really understood the role.

He failed miserably. God knows when we are going to fail. He always gives us the opportunity to turn to Him. Those who do find redemption.


His shoes were shined. His pants were pressed, and he had a Kangol on. He was an instigator. The older African American man who sat next to me on the bus enjoyed the journey as much as I did. He would say whatever I thought, and we would laugh. Like those young girls need to get up and let the older women with canes and heavy bags sit down. Most did not.

At one point an old drunk man decided he was going to squeeze in between two younger women in the front seats. He asked her to move over. She didn’t. He turned his butt towards her and squeezed in the seat next to her.

The old man next to me laughed out loud. I admit I giggled too.

It was a busy afternoon. There was lots of getting on and off. Lots of opinions to be made about each. It was fun. This city is full of character, in the people and the places.