Looking for Participants



Looking For Participants

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The legacies we pass on are the ones that shape our society.  We teach our daughters how to live in a society that does not value women. How are you doing that?  What steps are you taking to ensure that your daughters, granddaughters, nieces and cousins have the tools to be great in a world that does not value them?

I am making a documentary about you.

I am looking for women who are passing on the legacy of marching and protesting in the tradition that gained us the right to vote.

If you are that person or know someone like this contact me at uppcreative@yahoo.com


Thank You For Your Service

Memorial-Day 2Remember how great our story really is. Despite how we are treated in America, my people show up with courage and fight. Our men and women fight for freedom regardless of whether they experience it. This is the 369th Infantry Regiment (out of New York) They fought during World War I and World War II.

Just soldiers