8, 9, and 10 of my 17

Here are some more of the things I accomplished in 2017.

8. I learned to create digital art.  This was not easy nor did it come quickly. I changed colors, added images, deleted images and even created some from scratch. More importantly, I learned to look at it as digital art. I worked with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

What I learned here is that you have to create your own path and don’t get side tracked by what other people can do. Do you.


9. At first, I was intimidated at the thought of creating light photography.  And my first few experiments did not work out. But, when it did work out, I loved it. Learning to do this photography was a blast. I enjoyed the experimental aspect of of itand trying to get the light to do what I wanted it to do.


10. I learned to photography with an Alien Bees Flash Unit.  This flash creates a flash of light that separates a subject from the background making the image very crisp. But the real learning happened when the Alien Bee didn’t work, but I still needed to created portrait studio quality images.  I learned to manipulate the settings on the camera to give almost the same quality of image. It broadened what I could do photographically.


I learned a lot in 2017. It made me a better photog and gave me the opportunity to take some amazing photos.  I also added new depth to my art.  If there is something you are really good at, look for some ways, maybe even unconventional, to add depth to it.  It will allow you to look at the world around you with new eyes.

Peace and Hairgrease


More of My 17 in 2017

Here are more of the 17 things I did this year. This time has a lot to do with broadening my artistic perspective. I learned some new things about myself and added some new skill sets.

5.  I learned how to develop black and white film. I have always been in love with the camera, but the journey to developing film was rough.  My fellow students and I used to joke about the chances of actually getting all of your film to develop correctly.   In the process of putting the roll of film on the reel correctly, then putting it in the right chemical in the right order for the correct amount of time always made it iffy about getting specific images. We learned a lesson in how to make due with what you have.  And a bonus was the sulfuric perfume of the chemicals that clung to your clothes for the rest of the day.

6. So the biggest challenge to making prints for me was fighting my aging body. When you reach a point in life where you need light to see, working in a darkroom can be troublesome.  Finding focus in the dark can be a challenge, but it is all so worth it.  I learned to use an enlarger to make prints from film I developed. It was challenging but expanded what I know about images and tone.

7. the easiest part for me was following instructions. I had never taken a drawing class so it was easy for me to listen to the instructor and do as he said. I did not have years of other instructors in my head telling me to do something different.  The hardest part for me was not being able to erase.  I learned how to draw what I saw, not what I thought I saw.  In meeting this challenged, I learned new things about myself and what I could do.


Some of these things were never on my list as things to do.  I am glad i got the opportunity to do them because they have opened up new worlds for me.  I see myself as a different type of artist now. It has been powerful.

In 2018 go find you power.

My 17 in 2017

Because of my friend Bridgette Brown, I set out to do 17 things that I have not done before (or in a long long time).  As I tell you of my accomplishments, I will break this up into several days.


1. One of the most profound things I did was attend Dave Ramsey’s class on how to manage your money.  This class changed how I viewed money and how I handle it.  I have watched people do all kinds of crazy things with their money and wondered “Why are they doing that?”  Dave Ramsey changed my perspective on money.  And that is the key. God taught me what He sponsors, He pays for.  If you have to jump through major hoops and you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach, don’t sign up for it. Don’t do it. God provides for my needs. Not all the other crap I see that I want. I trust Him.


2 For the first time ever, I went to a Mardi Gras parade. With my friends and family, we went to Galveston to experience the parade there. It was an adventure for me as we walked pasted houses decorated for Mardi Gras. Some folks had music playing. It was a party atmosphere I had never experienced before. I also got to take cool photos. (It is also the only time I have been that close to the beach and not gone near the water)

3 Breakfast Klub

3 We had breakfast at the Breakfest Klub in Houston. (Uh yeah, we are foodies. We will travel across the country to eat at a restuarant) But if you have been following me long, you know that.

4 Camera Operator 1

4  At church they moved me to camera operator (during  the live production!).  It is so funny to me because I always remind them, I can’t see if it is in focus or not. (the struggle with growing older is you get much smarter with age, but your body parts start to break down and not function properly.) Who knew a volunteer position would stretch you? I love being a part of that team.


As you get ready for 2018, look at the world around you and ask yourself, how can you participate? How will you get better, learn something you never knew or get better at something you used to know.  Make yourself a list and look for those moments when God opens a door for you to step out of your comfort zone.

I promise you, it will be a blast.


Peace and Hair Grease.



This Week’s Design


Sometimes the thing you fear the most

is the thing that blesses you the most. I learned many years ago that when that thing you fear the most comes upon you, let it. It is in those moments you meet God in a whole new way.

Let me explain. I had been praying over some things waiting on God’s answer. Writing in my journal and waiting. Some of the strangest struggles I have ever experienced came upon me. Imagine all of the things you feared happening all together at one time. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where your bible memory verses come in.

When your situation starts to deteriorated, you have to remind yourself of who God is.  You won’t always have access to your bible or the app when Satan starts reminding you how dire your situation is.  You got to know God’s word. Remind yourself of God’s character. He said he would never leave you or forsake you. (Heb 13:5)  He said He knows how to give good gifts (Matt 7:9-11) You must trust what He is giving you is good even though the world and people around you will tell you it is bad.

Because of my struggles this week, I got to spend time meditating on Lecrae’s new album, All Things Work Together. Wow. What an incredible young man and powerful prophet! I love how God speaks to us through vernaculars we understand. I could relate to his need to be “Black Black” and a “prophet who visits the chicken shack.”

God knows me well. He knows what gets my juices pumping and what inspires me. He knows my heart and how to reach it.  As I listen to the words of this album and hear this young man’s story I can’t help but say “God, you are so awesome!”  I can’t do nothing but praise Him.

More than anything, I found this young man’s journey compelling.  He shared his pain and his triumph. His rhymes draw a picture of a real life poured out to Christ.  He is not a fake smile who only wants to talk about Jesus, but a real person who dealt with depression, anger and doubt. And he took it all and ministered to us.  But God told us our sons and daughters would prophesy (Joel 2:28)

What I prayed over for months, He answered in a moment. He taught me through the words of a rap album.  A song said “Crooked sticks draw straight lines.” Sit on that, cause we the stick. We ain’t doing the drawing.

Sit down and let the Lord of the Universe draw. He gives us the grace to take it.


Here are some of my favorite tweets

This week on Twitter


Once You Get You Some Learning

They can’t take it away from you. I learned about art and spent time with aspiring artists.  I learned to draw and process black and white film and create digital art.  It gave me different eyes to look at the world with.


I don’t know what your 2018 will hold, but I hope you choose to do something that will change your point of view about the world around you. I hope it will help you look at the world though another lense.  I hope you will try to do something you never thought you could do.

04 1

These are some of the 17 things I did this year that are different from what I have done in the past.  Each year of your life, that you are able, you should explore this amazing world that God has placed you in.

MY P 1

My faith has been stretched in 2017 like it has never been before. I have had some of the best laughs of my life on Twitter. And I learned how to make an incredibly good grilled cheese sandwich.

It doesn’t cost anything to live life. Go

Peace and Hairgrease.


A Different Type of Christmas

I love Christmas and it is my most favorite time of year. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you this girl loves Christmas.  By this time I have usually finished Christmas cards and got them in the mail with my Christmas Letter and Christmas Photo. I would be half way through Christmas shopping and planning who I will be celebrating with.

This year there are no christmas cards, no christmas photo, no letter,  no presents, no parties and no shopping.

There are two finals, 1 photo project, 1 drawing project, a couple of photo packages, an unkept home and a cold that will not die.

BUT I still love Christmas. I mean think about this. The Creator of the Universe loved us so much that He came down from heaven to see about us.  He didn’t try to keep His apartment in heaven. He didn’t go home to heaven every weekend to kind of help Him get used to our ungratefulness.  When the choice came for Him to lose communication with heaven, He gave it all up for us.  We were important to Him.  (How can you not fall for a man who will do that for you?)

I love Christmas because He didn’t come on His terms, He came on ours.  He came as a human baby raised by human parents. He dealt with poverty, rejection and death. When He says He understands what we are going through, we believe Him. We got a wonderful counselor, a mighty God, everlasting Father and a prince of peace!

I don’t have to shop for this. I don’t have to send cards.  All I have to do is accept the free gift He offers and spend eternity with Him.

I do have a Christmas tree which reminds me that even though it is strong and sturdy, it is the lights that give it the beauty.  The same is true of us. We may be strong and sturdy, but it is Christ’s light in us that give us our realy beauty.


I love this season and how it changes people’s hearts. I hope it changes your heart.

Merry Christmas


Great Stocking Stuffers

For those book readers on your list these one of a kind bookmarkers.  The images are areas around Fort Worth. The black and white images are on photo paper. These are $3.


My Favorite Tweets

In 2018,  each week I will share with you some of the best tweets on Twitter according to the folks I follow.  These people crack me up and give a whole new meaning to social justice.