She is…

a singer, actress, and activist. She is Aretha Franklin.

I will always remember her in the Blues Brothers. RESPECT often comes to mind when I hear her name. She is a woman who set us all straight.

She Is…

Actress. Activist. Artist. She is CCH Pounder.

I remember her from her role ER and The Shield. She played strong women who could make it through tough times. Currently she is on NCIS New Orleans.

She is a great example of confidence and beauty.

She is…

Singer. Actress. Poet. She is Jill Scott.

One of my favorites is No 1 Ladies Detective Agency where she was Precious Ramotswe. She was a woman trying to make it in a man’s world. She was smooth as silk and inspired others.

But she is more than the characters she plays. She is strength, passion and humor.

She is…

For the rest of the year we will examine #girlpower. We have many role models and this month we are looking at Old Hollywood. They may not have been perfect examples, but we saw something we wanted to imitate.

She is sexy, accomplished, and starring.

She is Dorothy Dandridge.