She has been telling our stories and entertaining us her whole career. She always makes some very interesting challenging choices in each role she takes but it always reveals a new layer to her. She continues to open her audience up to new experiences. Listen to what the Sistas think about her.

Listen Queen Latifah


He seems like he has been in a hundred million movies, and we are grateful for them all. From a crack head to a drippy Jeri curl, this actor has given us moments we can still quote. What do they call a quarter pounder in France? From what movie can you quote him? Listen as the Sistas share theirs.

Listen Samuel L Jackson


This actor has an incredible range from superhero to a historical musician. He is the type of actor who has played so many different types of characters that it may have even stumped the Sistas. They share some of their favorite roles and remind you “Don’t sleep on this actor” because you will miss something very special.

Listen Don Cheadle

Season Five Begins!

There have been good movies that changed your life. Television series that spoke to your soul. One of the elements that make this so powerful is the actor. This season we spotlight some of our favorite actors.  These are people who we would go see the movie just because they are in it.

This actor has played good guys and bad guys. Historical and Fictional figures. “We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us!”  These words came from one of the landmark roles this actor has portrayed. This actor has played a wide range of roles all of which have given us more reasons to love him.

Episode 1 Denzel Washington