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If you are interested in purchasing my art, I have postcards for $10. Homage is a reminder of slavery and how our people has no choice but to look up. Marginalized Beauty reminds us beauty comes is many shades. Inbox or email me.

This week I learned that art is hard and endangered. While I spent the week fighting with draping and achieving good tone, I learned today that many arts programs are on the way out to make room for more STEM.
The world is not a good place without art. Without art there is no science and technology because first you have imagine and create.


This semester I have had a professor who continues to drive home the connection between science and art.  I get to challenge myself in a way that I have not before and find in the discomfort of it I am growing in new areas. Everyone deserves the chance to do this. I hope you will join me in praying for a reversal.


Focusing On What We Do Best in 2013

2013 is going to be a year where I focus on what I do best: write.  There are three projects in the works right now.

The first project is a book titled Connections. It is a crime drama. The second project is the book, Mutiny, the second story in the Privateers saga. The third project is a stage play titled Wicked and Redeemed: Women of the Bible.

In February FULL GROWN will be back in production. The first episode should be on YouTube around March.

Hopefully in March or April, I can do a staged reading of Wicked and Redeemed.

I will tell you more about each project over the next couple of months.