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Fill In The Gap Magazine is looking for your stories. We are a magazine designed for women of color to inform and entertain. We give information that helps people make it. But we also laugh and enjoy life. If you have a story that you think will fit with our magazine, please submit it to uppcreative@yahoo.com.

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He Promises Us Beauty For Ashes

He promised us beauty for our ashes in Isaiah 61:3. He is faithful. Many of us are going through things that would destroy someone else. People look at us and say, “Wow, I don’t know how you do it.” God is how we do it.

We suffer silently and wonder when it will ever end.  But many times we are like some ducks I encountered this week. When we are in the middle of these problems, we like to bury our heads and pretend it doesn’t exist.  I mean we know there is a problem, but sometimes we just don’t want to face it.

Funny thing about burying your head. You can’t move. As long as the duck had his head under water, he could not move. He was stuck in the same place, same perspective.


Yet if we pursue the Lord with everything we got we won’t have time to bury our head. If you worship with your head buried, you miss out on His majesty. He will change our lives. Not only will He change it, He will make it better. It will be better than we can even imagine. And it will be hard for us to imagine something better because we have dealt with our problems for so long.

Once we remember who it is we serve. Call on His attributes, things like majestic, mighty, worthy God.  He will take the things from us that cause us so much grief and give us beauty.


He will send amazing people into our lives to share the journey.  If they aren’t there yet, know they are coming. God always keeps His word. He knows we are not good alone. He designed us for companionship.

three ducks