Book of the Month: How To Raise God Wise Kids In A Satan Rich World

It is summer and they are watching everything you do. As a matter of fact, they are going to do what they see you do. How do you get around this?

You better know God.

In a world that can seem hopeless, kids need a reason to hope. In addition to teaching our children how to get into college, play sports and chase the American Dream, there is something greater to be learned. He created the universe with stars and planets, yet the desire of His heart was to reconcile with people whom He loved. In this devotional, the author shares ideas of how to help your children have a personal relationship with God. Through scripture, art and stories, she shared the opportunities she had to teach her own child to get to know God.


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Caught in the Crosswinds

I Love Lucy has always been one of my favorite shows. While many of you went to church as a child, I spent Sunday mornings in front of the television. I have learned that God will use whatever tool He has available to reach us whether it is His word which is the Bible or an episode of I Love Lucy speaking to being self absorbed with self pity.

He used my favorite TV shows to teach me until I developed a love for His word. Now I understand who He is and what He promises. Caught in the Crosswinds speaks to some of the lessons I learned about God through His Word.

Caught In The Crosswinds is available on Amazon.

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