Sometimes God Won’t Reveal His Plan

because He knows we won’t be obedient. God did not tell me His plans for today because He knew I would skip it.

I had been trying to get my small group together for a while, but there were lots of conflicts in our schedules. One of them suggested Harvest America, which was a free concert with several Christian artists and a message from a great preacher. Initially I was leery because it was being held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. I didn’t want to deal with big crowds.

Unfortunately, everyone in my small group wanted to go. Okay. I put the person who suggested in charge of planning. Thought maybe we could all have dinner together and go to the venue. I research the preacher. It looked like he only got crowds of 17,000 to 20,000,  I figured we could have some choice seats at AT&T with that few people.

Two days before the one whose idea it was, could not go. WHAT! This was your idea! (not real Christian of me)  So discussing the idea with my sister, I suggested the group meet for dinner at 4 then head on over afterwards for the concert and the word. My sister suggested we meet earlier. I relented.

We knew things were going to be crazy when we met to eat because the restaurant was overflowing with people.  We thought we might get jumped for our table.  One woman had so many people with her I thought she was just going to start sitting them at tables with strangers.  Our journey began at Cane’s. (God has jokes)


We finished eating and headed for the stadium. It was incredibly crowded. I told myself it was what 20,000 people looked like. Once inside, the bottom two levels filled up fast. Soon it looked like this. (I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore)


When the top tiers filled up I knew this was more than 20,000 people.  We watched on FB as people posted about bad traffic in Arlington around the stadium. Good thing we left early.

Now left to my own devices, I would have NEVER attended something with more than 100,000 people.  They said people were coming and standing outside to witness what was happening on the inside. They said the fire marshal made people leave because there were too many.

Inside it was Amazing Grace.

It was such a privilege to hear the recording artists and the preacher. I was so blessed by the word. It was a blessing to just see the words roll across the screen and think about the gift of being saved from my sin. It was a blessing to see Lecrae in person. I am a fan.

Chris Tomlin did what He does well. It was freeing. I have been set free.

I don’t know much about Greg Laurie, except he is a man of incredible prayer. He prayed and God answered. You should listen to him for that alone. He preached God’s word simple and truthful.


He held and invitation to invite Jesus into their lives. He filled up the football field and had to use overflow room. God worked miracles and wonders this evening. I am glad I made it in.5

I almost missed my blessing. I am glad God outsmarted me.





Some days you are running along with life. It is not going the way you want it, but you have learned to make applesauce out of bad apples and lemonade out of not enough lemons.

You have learned to walk with the Lord and pray.

Lord, should I go this way?

Lord, should I do this?

You are walking and working in His will. You are helping the poor, reaching the lost and representing Jesus well.

All of a sudden, the winds pick up and start to blow harshly. It begins pouring rain before you can find shelter. Your car is wrecked, your job is lost, your loved one is ill.

If you like me, you like, I need to check my connection cause He didn’t say anything about this in our morning quiet time. You feel blindsided by God. He didn’t mention this catastrophe when you were chatting.

Laura Story reminds us that sometimes our blessings are in the storms. If you have been praying for something and trouble has taken up residence in your life, look for the blessing.  This week in bible study, Moses is surrounded by people who complain and grumble about everything. Can you imagine spending your latter years with a bunch of complainers? They were on their way to the promise land and did not like how God was driving.  Eventually all of the complainers died in the dessert and never got to go into the promise land.

Just because you don’t see a way out of your problem, doesn’t mean God hasn’t got it all figured out.  Look for the blessings in your storm it will make the journey to the promise land so much better.  One of the greatest gifts God gives us is a choice.

Bible Study

Today I am thankful for bible study. I have spent the last 17 years of my life in some type of structured bible study and it has changed my life. There is nothing like a two sided conversation with God. As I pour my life out to Him, He blesses me in ways I have never imagined. He gives me peace when there is turmoil in the world around. He gives me strength when times are tough. He gives me hope.

One of my favorite things about Him, is He loves to laugh. God has the best jokes. They are precious specifically designed for you.

I am very grateful that I serve a God who teaches me about Himself through his word, other Christians and circumstances. He is my vision.


Today I am thankful for family. DNA doesn’t lie. It can prove if there is a blood relation, but it can’t tell you if someone is family. Only time can tell you that. I have spent decades researching my family history and have been connected to thousands of people who may be relatives.

I have found amazing treasures from this research. Some of those gems are a group of folk in Oklahoma who blessed us by coming to our family reunion one year. Through the miracle of Facebook and email we have managed to stay in contact with them.

We have celebrated some of our victories and wept over our heartbreaks. This week was a heartbreak as our cousin Barbara Allen was taken to heaven suddenly.

We always think we are going to have another day to reunion on earth. The real reunion is going to be in heaven when we are all back together again, never more to depart.

My prayer for my family is that not one of us is left behind. It is going to be the Real Family Reunion.