Loaded With History

African Restored (Cheryl as Cleopatra is artwork by Kerry James Marshall. This work is the shape of Africa as a cubist sculpture.

┬áit offers a complex meditation on African ancestry and black aesthetics. Africa Restored formally references the nkisi nkondi, or power figures, of the Democratic Republic of Congo. These sculptures were crafted as basic armatures into which accretions of metals, mirrors, and nails were driven to activate their force. – (Art Institute of Chicago)

Happy Juneteenth

June 19, 1865

It was the day African Americans found out the war was over.

It was the day they found out they were free.

After years of slavery, they were free.

There has been a celebration every year since.

It reminds us that our freedom date is different than their freedom date.

Freedom is fought for.

Rioters remind us of that this year.