What You Need To Do

Micah 6 8


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Some Call It A Hard Rain

while others might refer to it as a storm. A metaphor for struggles in life, we  all encounter them in our lives and have to decide how to deal with them. In this collection of short stories, Dancing During the Storm, each main character had to decide what they would do when their life turned upside down.

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How to Raise God Wise Kids in a Satan rich World


Watching Me Ain’t Gonna Save You

I put feet to my faith because I know the God I serve is able. There are dozens of people who stay connected to me but do not share the same ideology. These idiots really think we can agree to disagree about things like injustice, discrimination and murder. (Yes, really)

As I talk to the Lord about this, He told me to tell you this. You can’t be saved by watching. Watching me fight the good fight is not going to save you. And as long as there is breath in my body I will always champion humanity. I will always do the things God has for me to do and they are aligned with His word.


Many of you are on the wrong side of this and you can’t jump ship at the end. The One who judges knows your heart. He can’t just be your Lord sometimes like when you feel safe and secure. You either find your security in Jesus or you don’t. Which begs the question, do you really believe? As we sit in our comfortable homes and watch families being torn apart please know there will be a reckoning. God is just.



Now let me say, I appreciate knowing where you stand. Because when the earth opens up and swallows you, I will not feel bad for you. He is allowing me to see many of the folks who I thought were Christ lovers are not. The love of your possessions and self care is more important than taking God’s message to the poor. No, for your own security you would rather they are ejected from the country. You can talk any kind of game you want, but what you put your feet to is what counts. You are championing hatred, fear and selfish ambition which are fruits of evil and God promises you will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19-21)

I have learned NOT to align myself with people who don’t believe what I believe because you start to become like them. I want to be like Jesus and I can see in this country there are very few like Him. But as I learned in BSF, my citizenship is in heaven. Some of you might want to re evaluate and see if that is where your true citizenship is.

Maybe you are following me cause you want to know what to do. It is time to renounce fear. It is time to stop trying to kick people out of country you don’t even own. Everything on this earth is God’s.  God brought all of these people here to teach us about Himself and we as a nation are rejecting Him. It has to stop. It is kinda like my Mama used to say. You can stop yourself or I can stop you. You don’t want God to stop you.  (IJS)

Each Moment is Precious

If I had known it was the last time I was going to hug her, I would have hugged her a little longer.  I would have said a few other things. I remember wrapping my arm around her and greeting her. I remember she said some words to me, but seemed preoccupied. We were on our way to somewhere, so I didn’t investigate.

That is the great adventure of this life, not knowing if you will ever see someone again. Every encounter we have with each other should be treated as a moment we might not get to repeat. The headlines of the news are filled with instances of people who never got to say goodbye.

We feel entitled to the privilege of saying goodbye to the people we love. God did not promise us that. (John 16:33)

He promised we could live forever with Him in eternity if we accepted Jesus as our savior. When he planted the tree in the garden, He knew what kind of world this would become. As we are stunned each day by the atrocities, He whispers I have a plan in place for this. (John 1: 1-5)

He loved us so much that He sent the most precious thing He had, his Son. (John 3:16) He said if you believe in Him and accept Him as savior, you can join Him in heaven where you will not experience this type of misery ever again.  As sad as I am to lose a love one, I hang on to the promise that it won’t be the last time I see them. I know we will meet again in heaven and finish the conversation we didn’t have here.

Every year at the end of BSF we sing a song. We hold hands, hug and sing this song.  Many of us know it by heart because we have sang it so many times. It reminds us that we are parting, but this is not the end. I sing this song every year, but I never think that I won’t see my sisters in Christ again.

We memorize the verses. We sing the hymns. We do the church thing and all the other feel good stuff. Some days life calls us to live those words out. That is when it gets hard, but He promised He would guide us through it. He didn’t say it would be easy, or we would like it or we would even understand it. He asked us to trust Him. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Hold on to that. If you are in Christ Jesus, this is not the end. And you are not alone. He is with you. He has promised never to leave you or forsake you. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

Serving Others

TAB 2 Tarrant Area Food Bank

My pastor is preaching a series on serving others. His theology is God knows you are serious about putting Him first if you are serving others. He defines serving others by doing things for people who can’t reciprocate. Dr. Tony Evans said that others’ special needs are designed for divine intercession, it allows God to teach us about Himself.

I have had an amazing walk with God this week sitting in hospital rooms. Sometimes I got to sit quietly, while other times the rooms were filled with conversation and laughter. I have the best family. These people will show up and stay when you are in need. I got to see a compassionate God who cares for us in our weakest moments. We are all heading for that moment. Oh but for grace that will meet us there.

Last night I worked at the Tarrant Area Food Bank with a group of good friends. It was a blessing to be with folks who gave their time unselfishly. We had a good time doing something for someone who could not pay us for the work. God revealed what unconditional love looked like through these people.

That is what I love about God’s word. He gives us examples to live by. We know that if we serve others, we are in His will. If we are selfish, we are not in His will.

I know who I am in Christ. I know my strengths and my limitations. This week I got to be His hands and feet to the point of exhaustion. When I scheduled the Food Bank, I had no idea the other events of this week would take place. I am confident that I am in this season of life for this purpose.  My confidence is from Christ and His power at work in me.

18 Days Til Christmas

Sometimes a gift doesn’t look like a gift. One of the most fun gifts I received this year was my small small group. I lead a study of God’s word with about 6 ladies who crack me up. Do we ever stay on topic? No. Do we ever finish on time? No. Does God use us to bless each other? You better believe it.

I am surrounded by a group of social workers who deal with tragedy in other people’s lives everyday. It helps me keep things in perspective about my own life. It reminds me that there is much in life we take for granted, like a sound mind and a well body.

These ladies keep me honest (it does help that two of them are my sisters). God teaches me a lot through them.  I have been very fortunate to be born African American and female on this timeline in history. He has poured out such a gift of Himself on us. Not everyone in the group is African American, but His Spirit reigns in their lives also. There is a camaraderie with Christ that we are not ashamed of.

Small Group