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Dear Ancestor

20181120_133732I saw your image in one of the best museums in the world.  You didn’t look happy, but I was happy to see you.  I am sure your world had been turned upside down because you wouldn’t even look up in your pose.  It is as if you said I will do this job but I won’t be proud. I won’t show you how much this has hurt me.

He painted your image fully dressed standing behind a table surrounded by your work utensils, bowls and pitchers. Some title this image the Kitchen Scene, not even admitting that there is a person in it, while others call it the Kitchen Maid, or La Mulata, La Cocinera. They should call it, You Stole My Life Now You Want Me To Cook

It was 1618 and you had probably been ripped from your home and all you knew. You wondered if you would ever see your family or homeland again. You probably didn’t.

I am grateful that you existed and fought that end of the battle for me. I will tell your stories and remind our people of the sacrifice you made.


And I thank God for you and that He had someone paint you to remind us of all you missed out on like having your family near. Like when you are having a bad day at work and there is no one to complain to. Like being able to quit your job and go work for someone who respects you. Like being able to do what you were created to do. The simple things we take for granted and consider them a right when they are really a gift from God.

When the man was painting your image, it was probably irritating, but it left a beacon of light for us 400 years later.  I am grateful.


Broadening My Vision

Over the last 90 days I have expanded my view as an artist. I have learned how to do new things, but also strengthened my current skill set.

The funny thing is when I was making goals for this year, none of these new skills were even thought of.  That thought makes me truly excited about all of the things I will learn next year.

IMG_9761 (2)

I achieved about half of the goals I had for this year.  The truth is lots of things in my life changed, but it changed for the good.  I am always amazed at this time of year when I sit and review. I look at all that I have done and it floors me.  God is good.

It is very important to write down the things you want to accomplish.  That list will remind and encourage you to make those things happen.  It will also help you cut down on the distractions in your life.  Those are the things that come along and are good things to do, but they don’t really fall into plans for your life.  They distract you from accomplishing the plans God has for your life.

Make 2018 a year like no other in your life.

First, write down a list of things you want to accomplish in 2018.

Second, pray over that list everyday.

Third, keep that list in a prominent place. Maybe create a folder for it.  I keep a list of overall goals, but also one that has specialized goals, such as financial, spiritual, etc.

Fourth and Final, get out of your own way. Sometimes we don’t accomplish stuff because we get in our own way. We don’t believe we can do something.  We would much rather believe the negative things people say about us, rather than the beautiful things God tells us about ourselves every day.

God places desires in our hearts that He longs to accomplish through us. Believe Him. I am doing things I never dreamt I could do.  It is fun.  Trust God to take you on an adventure that will change your life.