Book of the Month

Welcome to June. The book of the month is When You Forget Your Phone.

In my phone are hundreds of names and numbers. Without my phone, I only remember two phone numbers. I don’t even know my daughter’s phone number. When you have your bible with you or access to it, you are probably pretty confident. But when you are in the midst of a trial and your bible and the app are not available, what do you rely on?

When You Forget Your Phone is a devotional that challenges you to memorize God’s word. If you know God’s word, it is easier to stand on His promises when your world is turbulent. These are easy and powerful verses that help build a secure faith.

The fifteen verses included in this devotional are verses that God has spoken in the life of the author over the last year. With each verse is a photo, taken by the author, to represent the life in those verses. This book will give some insight into her journey with the Lord.



I love to tell stories. I love allowing you to connect the dots in your head. My goal is always to create a moment that you can feel. When you read or view one of my stories I want to leave an impression of hope.

I love seeing how a good story is told. Frank Capra is one of my favorite storytellers. I enjoyed seeing how he saw the world and the people in it. There is a moment in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George realizes his dream is not going to happen.  The rest of the film shows him he has something better than what he dreamt about.

This is our life.  There are things we want in this life and some of us are killing it to achieve. And we are so disappointed when we get there and it is not what we thought it would be. But God knows what we really need. After all, He made us. He knows us intimately.

Sometimes we are sent on detours to build up our spiritual muscles for the tasks that are coming to us.  You may be on a detour right now. Soak up as much as you can. Enjoy the journey. I am on a detour right now, and it is such a blessing.IMG_5854

Just like these roses don’t pop open instantly, they have to press the hard green leaves away so that they can bloom. Know the hard green leaves that are around you are there to protect you until it is time to bloom. Remember God has a season for everything.

The best quote from BSF this month was that true worship was when your spirit meets Jesus’. Amen. Don’t miss this opportunity because it could be the thing that takes you where your spirit will bloom. You see God only creates beautiful things.

It is my quest to stay connected to Jesus so that the work that comes from me will make you laugh. Be Encouraged. Live.