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Fill In the Gap

Fill In The Gap is a magazine designed for women of color to help fill information on things your mother should have told you. We all come from different backgrounds with different values but are called to function in the same world. You can pick up some information. You can share some information.  This information comes from people who know and have been there. After all, information is power.

If you would like to contribute to this magazine in the area of:

health, physical or mental,

weight loss, diet, exercise,



parenting, relationships, marriage

fashion, makeup, hair

finances, budgeting, insurance

side hustles


If you are an expert in any of these areas send me a pitch for an article.  There will also be art, photography, and poetry in the magazine. If you are interested in subscribing or advertising, please send an email to uppcreative@yahoo.com





15 Days Til Christmas

(I apologize for the lateness. I forgot to push the publish button, but it is 15 days til Christmas.)

One of the things I love is getting my hair done. It has been an awesome gift this year.   I only go a couple of times a year because that is about all I need, and it is always a blessed time. I always have a good time. I can not remember not having a good time.

Karen Hair

The woman who does my hair is younger than me, but she has been raised in an old school way. It is always “Yes, Ma’am” and “Ms. Karen.” If she is cooking, there is always an extra plate. If she is selling something like, make up or such, I am buying.

The best part is I get to watch TV shows I would have never thought about watching. I admit, I would have not know what a “real housewife” was until I saw it at her house. Not only do I get to see it, but she updates me on what is really happening.  She doesn’t hold them against the standard of society, but against God’s standard. I love that.

I get to walk through the generation gap with her. I get to listen to her opinion on love and life. She asks me what I think and allows me to pass on principles God has taught me.  It is a good time had by all.

Although our lives are very different, I see common paths through Christ work in both of us.