Looking For Voice Over Actors

If you are into storytelling and would like to be a part of a fun innovative production, email me at uppcreative@yahoo.com



Upcoming Projects

All of the silence you hear is me working on several projects. I’m excited about them and can’t wait to share them with you. Some days I wonder where all of this comes from, other days, I know it can only come from God.
One of the projects is titled Caught in the Crosswinds. I love how projects evolve as I work on them. This one is turning out to be very different from my original concept. BUT all of my projects are influenced by my life, and while God is constantly shaping and molding me, it is reflected in my work.  Crosswinds deals with issues that define who you are and what you believe.

For us A types, when we have a plan for life and are on course with that plan, a crosswind blowing us off course is detrimental. How we deal with these crosswinds determines how we get back on course.

In When You Forget Your Phone, I used verses that were personal to me. The Lord has taught me these verses over my lifetime.  Memorizing God’s word allows Him to write it on your heart.

In the second book, Crosswinds, I examine Who God is to me, What He does for me, and What He wants from me.  My journey is very different from yours, but God uses the words from the bible to lead me to and fro. I share stories that are fun and fabulous about my journey.

In the printed versions of each book there is art that also reflects the depth of the word.  I hope to have the project published by Christmas. I will keep you updated.