This week I was reminded that we are to live as a community, supporting one another.

This week I got the opportunity to love on a friend of mine as she mourned the loss of her father. I understand her grief as I continue to mourn the recent loss of my mother. Grief is a journey you can get lost on if you are not careful. I believe that is why God has us in communities of people, so that we can support each other as we go through this process.

I have a high priest who understands this type of pain. Although the story is not in the Bible, it is implied that He understands the loss of a parent because his earthly father, Joseph was not around during the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth. Jesus gets this journey on earth and knows that we are better together.  It is the second greatest commandment: love your neighbor as yourself.

God blessed me with the opportunity to know not only the daughter, but the mother as well. Over the last couple of years, I got to know her mother while serving in leadership with her working for God’s kingdom. It took me a while to make the connection that I was serving with my friend’s mother. But I was not surprised because awesome women create more awesome women.

I went to bless them, and they were the blessing to me. When times are hard, the Lord will send a community of believers to hold you up. Let them.  We mourn together. We laugh together. We pray together. Each day He give us what we need. Each other. We are much stronger than we think we are.


Mourning is a process. Some days are good, some days are not. Today I got to comfort a friend who joined the mourning process, and help another as she works through grieving. Yesterday, I spent time with an older relative who shared with me stories of her youth. I heard the sadness in her voice as she talked about people who were all gone. I was inspired by her spirit cause she keeps on living. She is involved in life.

Through all of this, I find peace. It puts me to sleep every night. It guides my day. It reminds me of its origin. I am blessed.