You Might All Be Looking In The Same Direction

but your heart determines what you see. Whatever you are looking for, you will find.

This past week I had the opportunity to go to an art gallery with some fellow students. It was part of an assignment from class where we visited several local galleries to get an idea of what type of art was where.

After three or four galleries, I stumbled into a place that had crisp white walls and framed images on the wall. A few photos were set up in light boxes.

I was mesmerized.

Her headdress was created with feathers and sat on her head like a crown. There was white paint around the outside of her face, but wide eyes, round nose and full perfect lips reflected her natural beauty. Dignified. Fearful. Elegant. Mistica Wonuk of the Sasap Wigum Tribe is the image of a woman in tribal dress on fabric over a lightbox frame by Chicago photographer Sandro Miller in the exhibition I am Papua New Guinea at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago, Illinois from September 6 to November 9.

The gallery was filled with images indigenous people from Papua New Guinuea in tribal wardrobe. I saw proud people of color in portraits, while many of my fellow students saw people being taken advantage of. They wanted to see these people in their natural surrounding, not in a photo studio. One young woman went on a tirade for 30 minutes about how unfair this was.

They could only see what they perceived as injustice.

I saw something I had not seen before in those images. I was introduced to a group of people and their customs.

Here’s the rub. Even though many of the students were indignant because a white man used his skills to document the life of indigenous people in the way he knew best, he still did more to tell the story of a dying people than the offended students.

Don’t tell me what you think. Show me what you believe. Moving your hands and feet preaches a better sermon than alligator tears.

International Talent and Inspiration

Seeing what other artists can do inspires me, but also gives me a giggle. The work of Sarah Cromarty was beautiful. She gave her work a 3D quality that lifted it off the canvas.

It was good seeing all the textures in the work done by other artist. It was also educational.

Schedule: Family Photo

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Book of the Month

Welcome to June. The book of the month is When You Forget Your Phone.

In my phone are hundreds of names and numbers. Without my phone, I only remember two phone numbers. I don’t even know my daughter’s phone number. When you have your bible with you or access to it, you are probably pretty confident. But when you are in the midst of a trial and your bible and the app are not available, what do you rely on?

When You Forget Your Phone is a devotional that challenges you to memorize God’s word. If you know God’s word, it is easier to stand on His promises when your world is turbulent. These are easy and powerful verses that help build a secure faith.

The fifteen verses included in this devotional are verses that God has spoken in the life of the author over the last year. With each verse is a photo, taken by the author, to represent the life in those verses. This book will give some insight into her journey with the Lord.


Watching Passion Blossom

Art to me is like a new boyfriend. I am enjoying the time getting to know it, staying up late, and learning its secrets.  It is sexy, funny and surprising. It strengthens, encourages and challenges me. I like capturing an image that tells a story. Each one will speak to you.

One of the things I found as I looked around was few artists showed People of Color. As I glean from other artist, I will add my perspective as an African-American woman. One of the things my work brings to the table are People of Color. God created us to be equal, but made us so different in many ways.  We have a passion for life. There is a strength in People of Color that will endure.

All of the work below started as something someone else created. I was able to look at it and see new possibilities. My work will always be a celebration of People of Color. Thus far my work has been fun and playful.  It has been colorful and over the top.  I love the opportunity to show the beauty in color. It represents taking life and all it has to offer.


March for Our Lives


Here is the link to some images from today’s March for Our Lives which took place in Fort Worth, Texas. It was great seeing all of the folks who showed up. Iwill be adding more images over the next couple of days. If you see something you like, download it.  If you like it, please consider leaving me a tip  through paypal at Uppcreative.





Second Week of SBE

Welcome to the 2nd Week of the September Book Event. I had some guest help me with the video this week.

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This week the featured book is How To Raise God Wise Kids In A Satan Rich World. There will be contests, writing tips, featured projects and more.

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