Public Worship Personal Praise

This morning I was more late than usual. I arrived in time to sit on one of the back rows and hear the praise team rehearse the last song. I didn’t play with my phone or talk to the person sitting close to me. I just listened to them rehearse.  Soon I started singing with them cause I liked the song.

As I listened to the words of the song, I got into it.  The words resonated with my spirit. I sat in the dark sanctuary having my own worship session. Then the Holy Spirit nudged me to stand up, throw my arms up and praise Him.  Now the room was empty except for a dozen or so people preparing for the service. I mean I would be the only one physically worshipping during the rehearsal.  Pretty sure I would catch some strange looks.


But I did it anyway! (I mean David’s praise when they brought the ark back has always been my model. He didn’t care who watched. His praise was meant for God. ) I loved it. My private praise and worship session was now public.  Everyone would know that the love of God could slay me at any moment in time. I did not look around to see if anyone watched me, I just looked up to the one I was praising.

After the rehearsal, the worship leader said to me “You were getting into that.”  I told him, he lead that thang! Always appreciate someone who can lead you to the throne of God. I have learned that not all people who lead worship know God.

During the services, when we sang the song in community, it took the worship to a whole nother level for me. The Holy Spirit’s sweet sweet nature filled the room.  I saw Him (The Holy Spirit) in the singers and band on the stage. I saw Him in the uplifted hands of the audience. I felt Him in me. My tears fell with every word.

Praising Hands

I pray that each of you will invite the Holy Spirit to fill your worship so you may experience His sweetness beyond description. I want you to have that indescribable moment with God that fills your spirit, stretches you beyond your flesh and mind. It will transcend time and space and let you know that God loves you very much.

There should come a moment in your life when you realize that even if you gave the Lord every ounce of your being, it wouldn’t be enough to make up for all He has given you.  And He doesn’t hold it against you. When you accept His grace, it will lead you to worship in spirit and truth.

There is nothing like it.


My Praise

For Lent this year I wanted to praise God through my art.  It was hard to be creative and get my message across. I used some familiar verses that spoke to me, and some that fell fresh on my ears.  Here are some of my favorite pieces.


There are those who would steal your dreams and hope. There are those who want nothing more than to see you fail. Sunday, I had a revelation that I shared with my Facebook Friends.

“I have to share this because I know some of you are waiting on the Lord to act in your life.
This morning I was on my way to church and I was singing with the radio. I don’t remember what song it was. But the Lord and I were having a conversation. He told me that sometimes we are waiting because He has to take the teeth out of the serpent that is waiting to bite you. He didn’t say He was gonna stop it, but He said it wasn’t going to harm you. You see He has to show you and the serpent who is in charge.
So whatever you are waiting on, know that God is de-fanging something that was trying to hurt you. Be still and know.”

I am in a time of waiting. It is hard, but God sends hope. You just have to look for it.

You have to learn to appreciate the times of waiting. It reminds me of the last full day of my mom’s life.  She was having a surgical procedure and we were waiting with her for her turn. My mom, my sister and I had some of the best laughter we have ever had together.  This procedure was just one of the tasks of the day. We were in a hurry to get home and get ready for Christmas. We had started talking about Christmas and ended up talking about her childhood. She had us rolling in laughter.

We were a little irritated that the procedure had not started. They originally gave us a 10am start time. Well, 10 am came and went. We were still having a good laugh, but by 12 we were looking for explanations. Closer to 1 they came and got her.

By 5 or 6 we were up in her room, laughing and talking again. We had been joined by my youngest sister and my Mom’s youngest brother and his wife.  For hours we talked and laughter. Sometimes my Mom laughed so hard, it hurt her incision. The final story of the evening was how my little sister tried to run away. We hollered. It was so funny. I could not wait for Mom to get home and hear more.

She never came home. That day of fun was all the fun I would have with her. Sometimes we are so anticipating the coming thing, we miss the moments we are living in. But I serve an awesome God. He knew what was coming. He gave us precious hours I will always remember, but they came in the form of a delay.

If things are not happening the way you want, if there is a delay in your plans, ask God for a revelation. He is taking the sting out of the bite.