Historic Moment

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to revisit a moment in our nation’s history.I stood in the middle of the street in Selma, Alabama and listened to one of the people involved in Bloody Sunday retell his story. It was a surreal moment.

In an age where everything is designed to overstimulate, a man telling the story of his oppression gives me hope. As he spoke about one of the darkest days of his life, last Saturday he stood in that same place as a member of the US Congress, beside an African American President with a crowd that reflected the dream of Dr. King. His message was one of hope.

I appreciate that John Lewis did the hard thing that Sunday fifty years ago. Many times we don’t want to do the hard thing, because it is hard.

But what really gets me is I serve a God that is just. Even though things look unfair. He levels the playing field.

A young man who stood up for the right to vote, now represents all of the people to protect their rights. He didn’t grow bitter or discouraged, He knew this was in the hands of a God who sees our sufferings and vindicates.

Rasicm, hatred and oppression are not dead, but neither is the Lord who conquers them all. He can take something like the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a relic of the KKK and use it to turn a corner in the┬áCivil Rights Movement. This bridge will always be associated with giving all people the right to vote. Got to love God’s sense of humor.