Sound Of Heaven Touching Earth

As we sang this song yesterday during worship it was actually happening. Heaven was touching earth. It is a regular thing that we take for granted, but I was reminded during the song that amazing things happen when Heaven touches earth.

For instance in Texas during a hot dry summer when the grass is brown and dead looking, a good rain will make your lawn look like the weeks of heat killing never happened.

Yesterday Heaven squelched heatwaves across the country. But is also brought some destruction. We try to think of Heaven as this gentle peaceful place instead of powerful and mighty.

I mean what happens when powerful and mighty meets weak and unworthy? When permanent meets not permanent? When holy meets unholy?

But think about this: if Heaven contains a mighty and powerful God, why wouldn’t what comes out of it also be mighty and powerful? Why wouldn’t whatever comes from Heaven have transforming power?

Perhaps this week we should examine what happens when Heaven touches the earth. It changes what it touches.

It Gives Us Life

There is something about the water that falls from the sky that sparks life. Think about this. It strengthens roots to create buds that finds the weakness in concrete so that it can spring through.

In the south I love the smell of rain hitting hot dry dirt.

In the north it causes a rhythmic rustling through the leaves of trees that draws attention to its beat.

I see it

I smell it

I hear it

I feel it.