Meet The Queens Again

In this week’s episode, the Sistahs talk about The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency and Queen Sono which are two shows that have strong African characters in the lead. These shows have women in nontraditional roles and showcase the beautiful land of Botswana and South Africa.

Episode 6 Meet The Queens

Are You Living or Designing?

Who did it better? Living Single or Designing Women? Both episodic comedies portrayed independent women in business. One side was southern belles, and the others were savvy chic New Yorkers. Both did a lot of uplifting women. In this episode of TV Talk with the Sistas we discuss the impact these independent made on us.

Are You Designing Women or Living Single?

Our First Season

In this podcast, two sisters chat about iconic television shows and their impact on the African American and American culture. We are available on Stitcher, Apple, Google, iHeart, and Spotify.

Season Finale

In the final show of our first season we tackle a complicated show, The Wire. We examine the complexity of this show and the legacy it has created. Check out our season finale and let us know if we got it right.

Episode When You Walk Through A Storm

Welcome to August

At UPP Creative Media, we educate, entertain and inform our audiences through various media. In our podcast, TV Talk With the Sistas, we examine the diversity in some sci fi projects. But there are eight other episodes where other topics are discussed. Check them out and send us some feedback on Twitter @TVSistas.

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TV Talk With the Sistas Episode 9