Good Soil

This morning when I was waiting in the long Starbucks drive thru line, I had a moment of clarity, or a revelation or an “ahha” moment. Whatever you want to call it.

All of the struggles we are currently going through right now is God cultivating our heart. He is taking hard dry ground and enabling it to grow something.

Just like I am waiting on spring so that I can start gardening and lawn care, God is putting all of these things in my path to tear up the ground of my heart. To make me vulnerable to His Word.  He is preparing it for the seeds He plans to drop.

This came to me as I thought of the book I am reading and how the words almost overwhelm me at times. God has used all of the issues of the past months to turn up my heart so that when I read what He has to say to me, it will take hold.  He wants to plant it in good soil so that it bears fruit.

Stop resisting your troubles. Don’t grow bitter. You are not alone.

Allow God to turn up your heart like hard ground after a cold dry winter.  Look for the seeds He is planting along with the care of the soil. He is all you need.