Every tie on this railroad track represents an accomplishment and a challenge from this year. Some where bold and strong, while others were tired and weak. But they all contribute to keeping the train on the tracks. As long as the train is on the tracks it is heading somewhere.


Some times I set up a goal for the year and it never materializes. It is easy to get frustrated when you can’t do what you want to do.

I love to serve at church because it is a form of worship for me.

The way I normally serve was not available so I had to serve in a different capacity. It became such a blessing.

I photographed baptisms.

I loved this more than anything I have done.

Sometimes the thing that doesn’t work turns out better. This was one of those time.

Source of My Inspiration

Not just art.

This year I stretched my creativity when it came to eating.

I used a food delivery service that taught me some really good recipes. It showed me that I can expand my thoughts and ideas on food. I can create new fun places to sit and eat.

One of the best things I did was a black bean quesadilla with onions and bell peppers. I surprised myself.

Source of My Inspiration

When I was a kid, the lady next door would always make a pot of beans. I remember the smell and taste of those beans. As a kid, I did not like them. As an adult, it takes me to a warm memory.

This year I stopped at the barbecue place in East Texas. Those beans took me back to the memory of the lady next door who made a pot of beans.