Decades Reruns


The mid 70s showcased the police drama on TV, the Jackson’s on the radio and TV and a new focus on black pride. The world was embracing the funky music but the resignation of President Nixon cast a shadow on the nation. Or did it? See what the Sistas remember from their early days

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Decades Reruns

1970-1973 Funky. Cool. Different.

The 70s ushered in funky fashion. Cool music. And a new definition of beauty. The black community was making its presence known all over the US after years of fighting for civil rights. The Sistas share their first memories of the 70s and a show that changed everything about entertainment.

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In Honor of Angela Lansbury

This is one of our best podcasts. I am sharing it again in memory of this wonderful actress.

Style. Class. And an X chromosome.  These are the ingredients for a successful detective. 

Phryne Fisher and Jessica Fletcher.  dynamic crime fighters whose attention to detail have foiled the plans of many criminals These damsels are not in distress they are in fact applying stress to all who dare to break the law. Listen as the Sistas explain what makes them so good.

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Decades Reruns

1964-1966:  The Middle of the Hurricane

In this upside down world, bad is good and good is bad, In 1964 to 1966 the war rages  in Vietnam, African Americans fight for civil rights and television choses to ignore it. The Sistas talk about how the networks created their own perfect society despite reality. They invited their friend, Patti Sikes a retired AP History teacher to join them on this episode.

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Decade Rerun

This is a rerun of our Decade series.

The 1960s was a call to freedom around the world. People were freeing themselves of the old ways of doing things. The Sistas looked at how the US answered the call to freedom from 1960 to 1963. They talk about music, books and of course, television.

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He seems like he has been in a hundred million movies, and we are grateful for them all. From a crack head to a drippy Jeri curl, this actor has given us moments we can still quote. What do they call a quarter pounder in France? From what movie can you quote him? Listen as the Sistas share theirs.

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