Beautiful and Miserable

It is so beautiful to me and yet miserable at the same time. I am sure this is what makes me love it.

It Gives Us Life

There is something about the water that falls from the sky that sparks life. Think about this. It strengthens roots to create buds that finds the weakness in concrete so that it can spring through.

In the south I love the smell of rain hitting hot dry dirt.

In the north it causes a rhythmic rustling through the leaves of trees that draws attention to its beat.

I see it

I smell it

I hear it

I feel it.

Searching For the Enemy

Sometimes the most important things we take on a journey are the things packed in our minds. The stories in our heads can feel like all there is. So we need to make sure our minds are filled with good stuff that will aid us in the journey. Our thoughts. Our hopes. Our dreams.

As God teaches me His truths and how to live, I find that I try them on like clothes. Some fit like skinny jeans good and snug, while others like a loose wide sleeved blouse that flows with the wind. Rest has become an old friend who I see every now and then, while Peace has been a constant companion.

Balance is my nemesis.  When I would really like to focus on that one thing, balance reminds me otherwise. I can’t work on projects all the time. I can’t hang out with family all the time. Why do I have to choose?  Sometimes it is about finding balance between the things you love.

I am also reminded that it is really about the dance. Dances don’t last forever. They have clear beginnings, middles, and ends.  Just like us. We have to recognize where we are in the process.

With a healthy dose of “I can conquer the world” comes our doubts. Our fears. Our shortcomings. It keeps me balanced. It keeps my head in the game. It reminds me where I am at in the journey.