I don’t mean hope. I mean pray like you believe God will do it. Pray according to scripture. Remember you can’t pray curses and blessings from the same heart. If you want to spend your energy cursing someone then you need to go back to 1 and start again.


There are lots of things I love about African Americans, but one of the dearests is that we grieve as a collective. 2020 has been a year of loss.

We have lost a way of life and doing things. We have lost lots of people, the last count was 183,045. We lost Kobe Bryant. We lost Chadwick Boseman. We lost heroes.

I love seeing what other people are thinking and feeling. I find comfort in their words. I love seeing other people’s stories that confirm what type of man we are mourning. That my love is not misplaced.

This morning Albert Tate, senior pastor at Made For Fellowship, said in the collective laughter and tears flow from the same place. This is a safe place for our tears. I don’t grieve this loss alone.

More so, it is the loss of another African American man. God must need them desperately. I can’t wait to hear the story of why.

I also hold onto the truth that God doesn’t take something away from you unless, he has something else for you. My people have experienced a lot, but I believe we will gain more than we have ever imagined.

The old folks used to say Are you yet holding on? (You need to ask someone black how to respond and do it;)

Where Do You Find Hope?

How you approach 2020 determines what you hope in. Where do you find hope? Is it in yourself? Your family and friends? Your faith? Your job?

This year has shown us that those things are not reliable.

I find my hope in Jesus Christ. He has taught me that He is faithful and I can trust him. When everything around me is shaky and unreliable, daily time in His word reminds me He is constant.

This week, think about where your hope is. What are you relying on to get through the week? Where do you find hope?