Working Hard

Yesterday morning I saw a squirrel trying to build a nest in someone’s window. He doesn’t understand that it isn’t going to work. But he is going to spend his time building it only to have someone else destroy it. Some of you are trying to build a nest where it shouldn’t be. Pray. Listen. Move on.

Seasons are important

I never knew how much I loved winter until I got to experience a real winter. I mean the kind with deep snow and lots of large fluffy snowflakes.  Below zero temperatures where you can’t expose any of your skin. When it is so cold outside that your eyes immediately start watering when you go inside.

Sometimes you learn things on the journey you never would have if you didn’t leave.

I learned winter slows things down. It quiets the land. There is immeasurable peace.  And as much as I would like to live like that always, I know I would never get anything accomplished. Yet I know I like it much more than I ever thought I would. I can do this.,

I love fall because it is not so hot and a great time for comfort food. Fall is all about holidays for me. When I was a kid, I loved summer because you were out of school and had lots of free time, but now it is just too hot.  Spring always reminds me of new beginnings as things begin to grow again. It is usually the time my allergies kick in, so it is my least favorite season.

Experiencing each season makes you appreciate each one for what they have to offer. Warm weather and lots of activity go well together, while raining days and a good book work too. Even though we sometimes dread the process, getting to where we are going can be very enlightening.

So remember, wherever you are going, enjoy the season.


21 Days Til Christmas

When I was a kid growing up in Fort Worth, it never snowed. It iced, but never the white fluffy stuff.

IMG_0749 (2)

For the past two year Father Winter has sent the white fluffy stuff. It throws everything off in our world, but hey, sometimes it is exactly what we need.

IMG_0956 (2)

Whenever we think we have everything under control, we need something to turn over the apple cart and help us focus on what is important.

Because of where the city is located and how we think, we are not prepared to deal with snow. This causes us to be still.

IMG_0754 (2)

Like everyone else, I get caught up in life. So I love it when nature just shuts everything down. We can send men into outer space and create bombs that can blow up half the world, but heavy rains, deep snow, mudslides and other nature events remind us of how much we really control.

IMG_0958 (2)

We are vulnerable to the elements. It reminds us we are created.