On This Journey, Enjoy the View

There will be a lot to see

Mountain Road


21 Days Til Christmas

When I was a kid growing up in Fort Worth, it never snowed. It iced, but never the white fluffy stuff.

IMG_0749 (2)

For the past two year Father Winter has sent the white fluffy stuff. It throws everything off in our world, but hey, sometimes it is exactly what we need.

IMG_0956 (2)

Whenever we think we have everything under control, we need something to turn over the apple cart and help us focus on what is important.

Because of where the city is located and how we think, we are not prepared to deal with snow. This causes us to be still.

IMG_0754 (2)

Like everyone else, I get caught up in life. So I love it when nature just shuts everything down. We can send men into outer space and create bombs that can blow up half the world, but heavy rains, deep snow, mudslides and other nature events remind us of how much we really control.

IMG_0958 (2)

We are vulnerable to the elements. It reminds us we are created.