Planned Interruption.

Some days you need to plan the interruption. In the middle of your list, throw something in there that interrupts the flow of things. Maybe it will take you off the beaten path. Maybe it will give you new ideas that rejuvenate you. Maybe it will just give you a break from your ordinary routine.

Learn to embrace the interruptions.


I love the Christmas season. It is all about hope. God loved us so much that He came down to be with us. To look us in our face. The Creator of the universe wanted to get to know us, so He came down and got in our face. That is love.

Think on that.

Let that sink in.

The one who created those tall East Texas pines, wants you to have hope.

The one who put just enough ingredients in seawater so that it foams when it rolls on the Carolina beaches, wants you to have hope.

He speaks through the natural world everyday.

Stop and listen.