Who Is This Crazy Lady

and why should you listen to anything she says?

I am first, a child of the Most High God. I have many roles in this life, but very few of them define me like being a Jesus follower.  I love Jesus. He gifted me with salvation. He has given me many other talents and a life full of adventure. He has created in me the ability to tell stories through several mediums: film, books and photography.

I have stood at the feet of the Great Emancipator in the District of Columbia, stood at the edge of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama and touched the Gates of Time in Oklahoma City, OK. Those are just a few of the places, I have stopped at. Not only has He given me adventure, but a heart for the people I encounter along the way.

I am also a mom, sister, travel companion, coworker, friend, annoying person who always reminds you of what God’s Word says on a subject. I cherish all of the roles (especially the latter.)

In 2016, many of you have gotten to know me by some of those roles and I would like to thank you. It has been a year full of photography, books and film. I appreciate your support.

I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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Sometimes God Won’t Reveal His Plan

because He knows we won’t be obedient. God did not tell me His plans for today because He knew I would skip it.

I had been trying to get my small group together for a while, but there were lots of conflicts in our schedules. One of them suggested Harvest America, which was a free concert with several Christian artists and a message from a great preacher. Initially I was leery because it was being held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. I didn’t want to deal with big crowds.

Unfortunately, everyone in my small group wanted to go. Okay. I put the person who suggested in charge of planning. Thought maybe we could all have dinner together and go to the venue. I research the preacher. It looked like he only got crowds of 17,000 to 20,000,  I figured we could have some choice seats at AT&T with that few people.

Two days before the one whose idea it was, could not go. WHAT! This was your idea! (not real Christian of me)  So discussing the idea with my sister, I suggested the group meet for dinner at 4 then head on over afterwards for the concert and the word. My sister suggested we meet earlier. I relented.

We knew things were going to be crazy when we met to eat because the restaurant was overflowing with people.  We thought we might get jumped for our table.  One woman had so many people with her I thought she was just going to start sitting them at tables with strangers.  Our journey began at Cane’s. (God has jokes)


We finished eating and headed for the stadium. It was incredibly crowded. I told myself it was what 20,000 people looked like. Once inside, the bottom two levels filled up fast. Soon it looked like this. (I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore)


When the top tiers filled up I knew this was more than 20,000 people.  We watched on FB as people posted about bad traffic in Arlington around the stadium. Good thing we left early.

Now left to my own devices, I would have NEVER attended something with more than 100,000 people.  They said people were coming and standing outside to witness what was happening on the inside. They said the fire marshal made people leave because there were too many.

Inside it was Amazing Grace.

It was such a privilege to hear the recording artists and the preacher. I was so blessed by the word. It was a blessing to just see the words roll across the screen and think about the gift of being saved from my sin. It was a blessing to see Lecrae in person. I am a fan.

Chris Tomlin did what He does well. It was freeing. I have been set free.

I don’t know much about Greg Laurie, except he is a man of incredible prayer. He prayed and God answered. You should listen to him for that alone. He preached God’s word simple and truthful.


He held and invitation to invite Jesus into their lives. He filled up the football field and had to use overflow room. God worked miracles and wonders this evening. I am glad I made it in.5

I almost missed my blessing. I am glad God outsmarted me.