This is Going to Hurt

Sugar is an addiction. Detoxing my body from it is misery. Yet it is giving me the opportunity to experience what it means that in my weakness He is strong. (2 Corinthians 12:9) In my year of fasting, this month I am fasting from sugar. I did not think that all of the sweet things from life would disappear with it. My head hurts, my mood is fowl. I don’t know how anyone can get a blessing out of this.

I feel like Jonah walking through Nineveh. God gives me a word. I pass it on, and the recipient runs off shouting praises to God because it is what they had been waiting on. I feel like, “Really, God, you can give them a life long word, but not change my foul mood or make my head stop hurting.”

Because I was obedient this morning, God sent me a very personal word.  I won’t share my personal word with you, but I will give you some observations I made during this session.

It was at the Women’s Fellowship this morning at OCBF that I heard “it is in the dark places we find Him and who He is.”  I have found him more in the last six days of this month than I have found Him all year.  He sends me a message saying I am about to tell you something so listen. When the message comes it is so overwhelming that I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is for me.

Our speaker today gave her testimony, which was very powerful. She titled her message, Redeemed, but Dead. I know we can relate because there are many dreams in us we feel have died.  She taught out of Ephesians 2:10.  We are God’s workmanship and He put good works in us to bring Him glory. She challenged us to remember John 11:4.

She said where ever He is, there is life.

So where ever this message finds you, remember where He is, there is life.




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