Caught In the Crosswinds will be available on Amazon next week

Caught in the Crosswinds is the second book in the series Your Emergency Response Plan. The series is designed to examine your response to the troubles in your life. Where do you turn? What do you do?

The first book, When You Forget Your Phone is a devotional that challenges you to memorize God’s word. If you know God’s word, it is easier to stand on His promises when your world is turbulent. If you learn to build your life on God’s word, it is impossible for anyone to destroy you.

Published in December of 2013, Caught in the Crosswinds explores what  a relationship with Christ looks like. When troubles come into your life where do you go? Experience has taught me that there is one true source. Jesus Christ. Through a series of stories and illustrations, this book points to attributes of God that have shaped the author’s life.

The cover was designed by Serena Barnett. She also did the photography for cover.  Interior illustrations were created by Devin Anderson.

You will be able to order a print copy of the book on Amazon by Christmas. The Kindle edition is still in the works.



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