Become a part of the Team

Family Tree is a comedy about a family that hates each other having a family reunion and I need your help. I am crowdfunding this film and I want you to become a part of the Family Tree project by donating to it. I need to raise at least $60,000.

It can be $5, 10, 15, whatever you got. If you got change, you need to give me a call and I will come by and get it.


If you have more, I have created a campaign on Indiegogo. For certain amount of donations, you will get a perk for funding this film. Indiegogo campaign ends 2/28/14.

Kickstarter campaign begins 3/1/14. It ends 3/31/14.


This is a huge task and I cannot do it by myself. If you can’t donate financially at this time, share this with your friends. I will need all of the word of mouth marketing I can get.

If you are not comfortable with PayPal you can mail it to the PO Box:

UPP Creative

PO Box 11082

Fort Worth, Texas 76110




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