This Week’s Promotion

The promotion this week is the book, ReCovery. It is part of the Privateers series.  You can get a free Kindle edition of this book on Saturday, February 15, 2014.

On her first independent mission, Claire Moss finds herself babysitting a  nineteen year old stowaway while looking for La Joya, the object that will change the game she has been playing with pirates.

Claire Moss, a fledgling private consultant, roams through Latin America looking for La Hoya,
which her partner guarantees will be a game changer. After a year of peace, Minnie finds herself on the run from the organization she use to work for and partnering with the scariest man she ever met. Even though there is a bounty on her life, she believes God can save her from some very bad people. The
organization that Joe works for has hit the hardest time ever, he struggles to keep his key position in the company while some around him want him dead. Joe has a plan that will change the fabric of the company and make him the head. They are all working toward the same end, but who will reach it first, the good ones or the evil ones?

There is a printed version of this book. If you would like to order a printed version for $6, email me.

Normally the book is $7.99. But since I am running a special on the Kindle, I will run a special on the printed version, but you have to order it through me.




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