March Promotions

I do not have a manchild, so there are some things I do not think to stop and teach. But last night at bible study I was teaching him to hold the door for the ladies. I don’t think it bothers him to hold it for strangers, but I am pretty sure he did not like letting his older sisters go in first.
As he was holding the door, ladies would thank and compliment him. When he had finished I said, “See, you did a great job.”
He was not impressed. He told me he wished he could get tips for it.
I laughed out loud. Dropped him off at his class. On my way to my class I stopped in the hallway to send a text to my sister informing her of what HER son said.
As I was standing there texting (because I cannot walk and text at the same time), I was bumped into by a good friend of mine. She fussed at me for mentioning her name in one of my books. I laughed and said you teach me so much, how can I leave you out.
My blonde headed Jesus loving friend said “Now, I won’t get my reward in heaven because I have gotten it here.”
Cracked me up.

But you know, I want my reward in heaven. Each time I stopped to pray over something I have to ask myself, is this earthly reward worth forgoing the one I could have in heaven? I don’t know.

So the moral of this story is this. If I share this life with you there is a good chance I am going to write about you, so you may want to read my stuff just so you can know. (that your heavenly reward has been spent here on this earth. Bhwaaaa)

Speaking of my books. I am getting better at Amazon book promotions. This month’s free Kindle books are already scheduled:

Dancing During the Storm is March 7
Connections is March 14
Caught in the Crosswinds is March 21

I would also ask that if you get one of these books that you review it on Amazon. Love you guys. K

Book Cover



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