The Bread that Satifies

I am a foodie. I love food. Bread. It is my favorite. Well baked bread can save a ruined meal. It is something that is difficult for me to give up as I struggle with my weight. No matter how hard I try to eat meals without the doughy goodness, those meals are just not as satisfying.

Today I learned that there is only one bread that satisfies.

As I was driving through this neighborhood today I saw a place and thought, “Wow, I bet that is a great place to live.”

At the next place I saw, “Nope, wouldn’t want to live there.”

Then something in me stopped me. I prayed “Lord, help me be satisfied with where you have me.”

I believe He had a breakthrough today.

Many of the things I want to achieve are like the foods I eat. Some are vegetables and fruits which are colorful and fun. Some are pastries and cakes which are sweet but not very healthy. And believe it or not, there are some that look like bread, smell like bread and even taste like bread.

But there is only one that can satisfy. That is the Bread of God.

He makes me content wherever I am, whatever I am going through. He gives me peace in the midst of storm. He says, “It’s okay, Karen. I got this.”

Whenever I think I can’t take it anymore, He does something that makes me sit down and shut up. He handles my enemies. He handles my problems. All I have to do is what He tells me to do.
I spend time in His word everyday to be sure I am moving in the right direction.

This morning’s attribute was love. Imagine someone who loves you so much that everything He does is for your own good. He loves you more than anyone on this earth can love you. He loves you more than you can love anyone. He loves you so much He gave His life so that you could spend eternity with Him.

If you want to be satisfied, really satisfied, I double dog dare you to take Him up on his offer. John 10:10.


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