We are almost ready…

Family Tree is almost fully cast. There are a few roles to fill, but I feel like dancing.
Andre and Patrica dancing

I want to thank everyone for your interest in the project. This is going to be so much fun. I believe the project will be a blessing to the participants and those who watch it.

I am actively praying that God not only bless the project, but the process to get there. As Bishop Jakes would say “Get Ready! Get Ready! Get Ready!”

The roles available:

Character Breakdowns:
•Franklin Dupri, 20 year old Anglo man
•Roberto Salvatora, 50 year old Latino
•Lindell, 19 year old African American woman
•Horace, 20 something East Indian man
•Harry, 20 something Anglo man
•Henry, 20 something African American man,

Also need some CREW positions:
•Sound Tech,
•Boom Operator
•Camera Person
•Production Assistant

If you are interested, please email uppcreative@yahoo.com

Peace and Love, Y’all


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