From the Director’s Chair

Let me share something with you that I have learned in my almost 50 years of living. The Bible is amazing tool that reveals who God is and inspires us. The Lord also uses these stories to teach us today how to live according to His plan.
When the Sunday sermon is about Moses or start a bible study about Exodus, I know the Lord is going to do new things in my life and it will be a journey. When the story is about Jesus, I know it is going to challenge me to love people I don’t or sacrifice something I don’t want to. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have the Lord figured out, not by a long shot. But sometimes He allows me to see stuff coming.
As I prayed over this project before production began, my sister mentioned the story of Gideon. Many times God won’t deliver a message through your pastor, cause if you are like me, you will get up and leave. I would not be listening to him preach about Gideon on the verge of this awesome project. But God knows how to deliver a message you don’t want to hear. He can use angels or even a donkey. In my case, He used my sister, who is neither angel or donkey.

In the book of Judges, Gideon was about to go into battle. He was looking for God to supply his need of fighting men. God whittled Gideon’s army of 32,000 men down to 300 to face Israel’s enemy. Gideon was skeptical.
As I began shooting Family Tree, I was skeptic that God didn’t know what He was doing. But after 4 days on the set with my mighty men, I know God has this thing together. I have prayed for God to blow my mind with this project, and He is on course. My mighty men are kicking butt and taking names.

The biggest challenge I face is when to direct and when to produce. Many times in the last couple of days those things overlapped. I had to weigh time and cost versus artistic expression. Everyone has lined up and gone in the direction needed.
I have three mighty warriors in the crew that are blowing my mind. I have had so much fun with them. I love the creative energy that happens when we are all together. God is taking us places. I anticipate great things over the next couple of weeks.
My cast is knocking my socks off. God is telling an amazing and funny story through these people. As I watch the pieces of this story come together, I am in awe of a God who can bring just the right people together to do something. This has become a labor of love for these wonderful actors. You will see the love. Too bad you can’t see the laughter right now. But it’s coming.
As a director, my aim is to create moments that resonate in the viewer’s life. After viewing this film, I want you to walk away with pieces of this that continue to speak to you for the rest of your life. Family is important. God put people together so that they can support each other through life. He does not mean for any of us to be alone. Sometimes we have to get pass the hurtful language and love the unlovable ones. One of the best ways to do that is laughter.

Peace and Hair Grease


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