From the Director’s Chair

When you take a road trip with God, the Creator of the universe and Lover of our souls, you will spend a lot time asking “Are we there yet?” As you look around at some of the places He takes you, you will be really glad when He says, “Not yet.”
He never tells me where I am going. He knows that if He does, I will spend all of my time trying to find a shortcut instead of being a part of the journey.
When God invited Abraham on a road trip, He didn’t tell Abraham where he was going. He just said to a place where I will show you. I am sure Abraham trusted God, but I bet it left him with some angst as he had to deal with the folks who came along for the ride. Sarah, Abraham’s wife, probably wanted details. I mean she needed to know how much and what to pack, would there be markets where they were going. How would their needs be met?
This past weekend brought me closer to the end of one part of this journey. I am learning to trust God’s vision for this project. Even though I don’t know what He’s doing, He knows what He’s doing. As I watch amazing moments come together that I did not plan, I know it is only the hand of God that orchestrated it. My goal is to stay out of His way.
Even though we were scheduled to shoot outside, it rained most of the day. This situation brought out the creative side of us. My plan B was God’s plan A. He was right.
When people don’t show up or places don’t work out, God writes this story so beautifully I stand back amazed at His Presence.
My original vision for this story was like a single rose sitting in a vase on table in quiet room. It was a lovely piece of work. Yet, with each day as this movie evolves, it turns into an amazing rose bush in a fabulous garden with much more to see. I had one joke and God made it a concert. (But that’s what happens when you bring talented people together)
Some great moments have been created for you. I can’t wait for you to see it!
From Set


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