Family Tree Movie Update

One of my goals for Family Tree was to make a movie you could watch over and over and laugh every time. I am almost there.

Not only are you going to want to see this when it opens, you will want to take a copy home with you. (smile)


I can’t take the credit. The actors did a great job of telling the story. As I reviewed the footage, they had me laughing and I knew what was going to happen. This happens when you get a group of talented people and challenge them to take their skills to another level. They did that thang!
There are going to be moments in the movie where you just stop. You won’t be able to believe what they just did or said. It is going to be sooo fun.

I can’t ignore the larger force in this project. God brought all the right people together at the right time. Lately my prayer has been, “Lord, don’t let me get in your way.” Every time the situation seems impossible, He handles it. Sometimes He tells me yes and gives me the industries best. Sometimes He tells me His grace is sufficient. My goal is to stay in His will cause He has a plan.
I love what He has done so far.


Another thing I started this weekend was Outtakes. I am compiling those into a presentation of its own. I promise to play these at the premiere. We spent a lot of time laughing and I will have to share. I want you to fall in love with cast. They have earned it.

Peace and Hair Grease


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